What does SNKP need to do to save KoF?


I think, at this point, they can’t get by on the bare minimum. After XII, they need to really step up and be impressive. The engine and the graphics themselves are good enough, but beyond that the experience is lacking.

  1. Story mode with unique scenes for each team
  2. 30 fighters on the roster (based on popularity)
  3. Preset teams
  4. At least 10 stages; team members in the background
  5. A boss
  6. Unlockables (classic stages/music, artwork, fighters/costumes, videos)
  7. Larger movelists
  8. Functional online mode, more offline modes (survival, challenge/mission, etc)


Seeing as how no one on this board holds any sort of position at SNK, let alone everyone else on Shoryuken, what’s the point in making a thread like this? There’s a wonderful update of KOF 2002 out and active, so why even ponder over what should come? Most of the posters on this board couldn’t dream of shit in a sty; why ask people who, for the most part, don’t even play the game?


Allow CvS 3 while working on a proper KOFXI sequel in HD. Make SNK relavent again with the former and make another shot at moderate success with the latter

Also bring back garou



Because wishlisting is the best thing to do in the world.


Indeed. Just look at how far our 09/10 friends and people like Alexander got with their plethora of wishlist and versus threads.

Very productive.


Won’t be long before we’ll see a MI: Regulation Z thread.


People just went back to 98/ 2k2 / 97 / whatever they were playing before after XII flopped. The amount of people in the GGPO 98 room is not indicative of a series needing “saving”. You don’t always need to look to new games for fun.


unfortunately, its also evident that SNK doesn’t see a penny of profit from those games, hence why sequels are made in the first place.


Anyone assuming SNK’s gaming division can live off UMs and rehashes is nuts. If it came to that, the division would likely go mobile only (or worse, close). SNKP (the company itself) can stay profitable on Pachinko alone, sure, but why would they keep a division (gaming) that loses money?

They need “new” releases, otherwise the brands would continue to get smaller and smaller at an alarming rate, as the only people that play those are the same small group of people. A group that gets smaller each month, as players stop going to arcades (or arcades close), players stop suporting low-res games, get tired of the rehash, get tired of old systems and so on.

People that pretend that all is fine due to 2002UM and 98UM are delusional.

Those are most likely going to be on XIII.

I don’t think XIII will do well unless it’s released on XBLA and PSN. Even if they release it cheaper than XII’s 60 bones, a 480p 2D fighter won’t do well, and making the game at 720p from the ground up is unfeasible (since it took 4 years to animate 22 characters at 480p).

I think the only way of going forward with KOF is making it a nich, cheapo, download series.


I think SNK needs to continue on fatal fury if anything. A MOTW sequel or RB3 would be awesome.


SNK can save KOF by not listening to people who won’t play them anyway.


MOTW was a flop.


snk wants success? then give us 1 of these…

kof xi um… or last blade 3…

and make sure not to come up with any dumb bright expensive ideas…


brrr both of them…


How about getting over ourselves and giving arrange mode a try first?

Funny that you would ask for an expanded and (presumably) more balanced version and you haven’t even given the arrange mode settings a fair shake yet.


Arranged KOF XI isn’t really “expanded”, and we really don’t know anything about the balance since no one played it.

By the way, if Arranged Mode became tournament standard, we’d have to ban the NGBC characters again unless everyone wants to see EX Kyo on every team.


That’s why I believe we should play it; so we can find out these things. The balance changes are already listed in various documents; now someone needs to check them in a tournament environment.

I guess one could say Arrange mode is expanded because the characters are different and the addition of the new stages, but that’s semantics I guess. Its not an super old game with a choice for revision already there like 2002 and it has a huge rooster; I don’t see the need for expansion.

I don’t understand why we would have to ban all the PS2 characters in that case, why not just the Kyo? Well, tbh I don’t really mind if the PS2 characters got banned again but that’s just me.

I’m not really strongly for or against this either way, but if arrange mode could solve the issue of making the field more level in the game than I think we should try it out. I don’t see how it could hurt; if it sucks people can always return back to the arcade revision.


And you’re an idiot.


You’re all awfully determined to not play 2K2UM!


What does Garou’s financial failure have to do with him being an idiot? Was SNK going to put him through school?