What does the public want to see in MVC2? -mod edit, to see this in the right forum

This is a poll to find out what the general fighting game public would like to see in terms of a match between the last 3 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 champions. Please place your votes.

servbot x3 round robin

^Lol, that’d be awesome.

3-way, fo sho. Let’s get this shizz crackin’.


Justin vs Yipes, low tier.

At what level are you asking at?

I just want to see the flash.

I want to see somebody get shot!

Yipes vs all in Call of Duty

Yea sums up my feelings completely

I’d like to see this game finally die.


This would be awesome. I love me some servbot.

Any low tier matches would be hella fun to watch.

At what level are they playing at?

its always better when we can watch each of their styles competing.

I second this.

Which is never going to happen…but when can dream though

This thread should have ended here, for the sake of the whole history of the fighting games.
And if this option is not possible, then any low tier match would be nice.

Soo actually be in contention to play one of them in the finals of a tournament instead of drinking/smoking and unable to function when it matters.

I say random select round robin myself.