What does the public want to see in MVC2? -mod edit, to see this in the right forum

yipes storm!

I think it would be neat if they played a short mystery round robin live. Like they’re out of sight (behind a curtain or something) with just a projector screen visible to the audience, and they’re using atypical characters for themselves and nobody knows who’s who. They just get called A, B, and C, and they each play one game against each other. All the Marvel heads can place bets as to their identities.

I’m not even joking, I think it would be fun. Crowd participation, unusual matchups, and Marvel players love to gamble. :smile:

Ohhhh, it says “IFC”!!! Man I feel dumb now. I was staring at that font wondering, “Who the heck is FIG?” :lol:

I know what I don’t wanna see: Magneto, Storm, Psylocke, Captain Commando, and Sentinel

Recent tourney winners running the gauntlet through all three.

Triple serv mirror would be mad win, though.

more Jin taunt infinites

3 Way.

Hella Homo

Triple Nut Bust! Best Friends Forever!

Probably whatever was the NEC standard for low tier teams. No Ironman/Warmachine & Strider/Doom, etc.

any choice would be a good match

How about not god, top or upper, because BH CC and Tron kinda make low tier not feel like low tier?

Yeah, it would be kinda cool to see them do a 3 way round robbin with only low tier. Being an exhibition, i don’t think its too big of a deal to do.



I thought people considered CC and Tron as top tier (assist).