What does the T stand for?

My money is on Thomas.

I could be sarcastic and say something like “Timmy”, but I’m just gonna answer your question and say Thunder.

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Some people affectionately call him “Ted.” See my avatar.



… Thunder





why else is he angry enough to smash people face first into the ground at 240mph???

Gridman is correct, the “T” stands for Thunder which I can personally attest to since I’m the one that gave it to him (gave to T. Hawk that is, not to Gridman). :slight_smile:

A bit of history for those of you that don’t know who I am or how T. Hawk actually got his name. Back in the early days of Street Fighter II development there was a small group of in-house testers at Capcom’s US offices (among them were James Goddard, Dave Winstead, and myself) that handled testing and localization for Capcom’s Japanese games that were coming to the US market. We were essentially the forerunners of the first actual US development at Capcom’s US offices.

At the beginning it was virtually impossible to get any of our (western) ideas into their games. But, eventually with time and effort we managed to get past that roadblock and they started to let us have more input. In James case, he had a sketch of DeeJay that had been sitting around for some time and which wasn’t even something he sketched for Street Fighter, but which the team really liked when he presented it to them and thus DeeJay was born.

For me, my contributions came in the way of game play tweaks and ideas and eventually getting to help in the creation of T. Hawk himself. When executive producer Akira Nishitani met with James and I down here in San Diego we went over various ideas for the character, one of which was his name. At that time Akira said the team was going with “Geronimo”, a name based on the actual historical figure. And while their choice to go with that name was out of respect for the person in question, I had concerns that because the character’s appearance and in-game story didn’t match his real life counterpart that it might be viewed as racially offensive and/or disrespectful.

So, Akira decided it best to gave me full control over the character’s name so as to avoid any unwanted fallout. And after kicking around a number of different ideas I finally came up with “Thunderhawk” which we all agreed upon. However, in later discussions we ended up having to make a slight modification to the name because it didn’t translate to Japanese as well as we hoped. So, the next best thing we could do was to abbreviate it (E. Honda style) and go with T. Hawk.

So, there you have it in a nutshell for the T. Hawk fans among you. :slight_smile:

First! …post after the guy that named T. Hawk!

Also, head asplode!

Thunder Hawk, man.

Thanks for sharing koin0p. I didn’t expect such an interesting reply from such a silly thread.

His name is half the reason I like him so much. You’re a fuckin’ moron if you’re going to mess with a guy who’s first name is Thunder.

No problem. :slight_smile: I thought it might liven things up a little bit. I know that T. Hawk gets his fair share of hate, but I also know there’s some die hard fans out there. So, every once in a while I come out of the wood work and say hi to show my appreciation.

I may have retired from game development back in 2001, but my desire to remain active in gaming is stronger now than it ever was. Speaking of game development, for anyone interested here’s a little more history about myself from back in the day.

Games I worked on:

Capcom USA

Street Fighter Champion Edition (Coin-Op)
Turbo Street Fighter Hyper-Fighting (Coin-Op)
Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers (Coin-Op)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Coin-Op)

Atari Games Corp.

Gauntlet Legends (Coin-Op)
California Speed (Coin-Op)
10th Degree (Coin-Op)
Road Burners (Coin-Op)
Area 51: Site 4 (Coin-Op)
War: Final Assault (Coin-Op)

Interactive Light

Savage Quest (Coin-Op)

Angel Studios (now Rockstar)

Midtown Madness 2 (PC)

After leaving Capcom and taking a break from game development for a few years I eventually got the bug to start making games again. So, I met up with my old Capcom pals James and David who were at the time working over at Atari Games Corp., the last remaining division of the once great Atari empire. From there I was hired on at their request so that we could all be together on the same team once again.

We had a great time there while it lasted and I can honestly say that in all my years of game development, working for Atari was the most fun I ever had making games. Sadly though, parent company Midway Games who had purchased that division of Atari closed the office in 2001 there by sending the last vestiges of the original Atari brand into the history books. I continued to work in game development for a few more years, but eventually had to retire to take care of my new family (had 2 kids on the way). Honestly, giving up game development was the most difficult thing I ever had to do, but the hours I was working making games made it impossible to spend quality time with my family, so I had little choice in the matter. These days I work for a major ISP and squeeze in gaming whenever time permits. :slight_smile:

Anyway, that’s the long and short of it. For anyone that may wondering what James and David have been up to, you should head on over to James website at www.crunchtimegames.com. He purchased some land out in Arizona where he started up his own indie game development studio along with David and a group of other talented up and coming game developers.