What does this "chip" do?

This may sound silly, but I was looking for an ‘accessory’ for my Sega Saturn, and I came across this:


I decided to ask the seller about what it does, but he replied, “sorry, no info.”

What does this thing do? Would the rules even allow me to ask what this thing does? If not, I would greatly appreciate it if someone would PM me.

It’s a memory card

so… no other special properties outside of… memory storage?

Definitely don’t think that’s a mod chip if that’s what you’re asking.

Ok WHY is a topic whose last reply appears to be from 2009, on the first page? Am i missing something? Did somebody bump it recently and then delete their post? Is the board glitching out?

Oh well. On the subject of the Saturn, it’s funny how far tech & emulation has progressed. For the longest time, the thought of emulating Saturn full-speed was like a pipe-dream. Now your average, modern, entry-level computer can do it no sweat.

:rofl: Saturn Emulation

Saturn Emulation is still no where were it should be. Saturn just hit that point that N64 emulation was 15 years back. And N64 Emulation isn’t matured yet

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