What does this mean and should I use this character?


I am your average beginner noob and I got SSF4 a week ago. I’m still learning the mechanics and I use the Xbox 360 controller. I’ve looked on TONS of tutorials on Youtube but not one of them has answered this question.

What in the heck does this mean?

> lk.tatsu, c.hp, lk.tatsu, s.lk, hp.SRK

I was looking up character specific combos and I had no idea what the guy was talking about. Any help?

And also, my favorite character is obviously Sakura. But if I’m a beginner should I start out with another character like Ryu or Ken? That’s all I have to ask.


Light kick tatsu, crouching heavy punch, light kick tatsu, (not sure), heavy punch shoryuken.

Sakura is a low-tier character(according to her stats), so its going to be a bit of a challenge to use her.


Tatsu refers to the name of Ryu and Ken’s Hurricane Kick. It can also be used to refer to any other Hurricane Kick, even if it is not exactly the same as Ryu/Ken’s or has a different name (like Gouken’s and Sakura’s).

LK = Light Kick (aka “Short”)
HP = Hard Punch (aka “Fierce”)
c. = crouching
s. = standing


Does that mean I should use someone different?


That depends. Do you like to play Sakura and are willing overcome the challenge of playing a lower tier character?


Yes. My main character on Dead or Alive 4 is a low tier too.


So i take it you either Bass, Lisa, or Tengu ;p


To a beginning player the tier rankings shouldn’t mean anything. Even SF4 is not so simple that a beginner can just take a good character and magically succeed. The things a beginner SHOULD take note of is what are her strengths and weaknesses and base their opinion on that. And even that should come after you learn how to play.

Head over to the Sakura-forums. Sakura’s strengths are being able to mixup very well and stunning people easily. Her weakness is low stamina and a heavy reliance on said mixups (because she gets her damage from mixups). She has a good antiair with c.HP and a couple of nice pokes. Her standing jab is very nice too (lots of advantage both on block and hit). I don’t know her beyond that but hopefully that’s something. Good luck!


lol @ these guys talking about tiers to a person who’s played the game for a week.

pretty sure tiers won’t mean shit at his level. he can play chun/honda/guile/bison (all the top tiers) and it still won’t mean shit, you tools.

right now, OP, you should just stick with a character you like. if you like the way sakura plays, you play her. Sure she has weaknesses, but so does every other character in the game. I think you should just play someone you enjoy till you get a real hang of the mechanics and how the game works before you start worrying about tiers or anything like that.

tiers only really mean anything at the top eschelon of players, when a counter pick MEANS a counter pick. Dont worry about that right now.


No, Christie.


No… If you like playing with Sakura then stick with it… You will have to work hard to win sometimes but she is fun to play with.


Yeah, I got whipped by Ryu today while using her. I’ll use M. Bison for now on against Ryu because he’s hard for me to beat with her.


Sakura is really good IMO, you just have to not fuck up your combos. Lots of practice and plinking required.

At the level you’re playing tiers don’t matter.

Don’t do ex shosho on wake up. Don’t do random Ex tatsus. Don’t Use low fierce xx ex tatsu as your BnB. Don’t bother with character specific combos just yet until you can hit the universal ones all of the time. I think low fierce xx lk tatsu, low fierce xx ex tatsu works on everyone and it only has 1 link. However, some sakura player will probably come and prove me wrong. I’m still on old sakura technology.


No that’s the exact opposite of what you should do… Keep using her specially if you run across a hard match up. You have to learn what you are doing wrong in that match up and the only way is to keep playing it over and over again till you catch on.

Pay attention to what you keep getting hit with then adapt and adjust accordingly, if you need to go to the training mode and set the dummy to do exactly what you keep getting hit with and practice that till you get it down.


Never pick Bison. It’s just too easy.

For Sak, you really needa head to the training room and practice everything you can. Learn how to start a combo from a footsie like c.lk. Try doing the BnB c.lk->c.lp->C.hp->(choices) and try expanding on it. Try to link a S.lk after the lk tatsu (QCB+K). Learn also how to zone out your opponent. Use your S.HK to your advantage. Learn a couple of safe blockstrings. Try to gain that knockdown, half of the fight is won right there on the ground.

Just don’t give up. She’s rewarding once you get the hang of her.


So basically I shouldn’t use Bison because he’s too easy? That sounds like a dumb reasoning.


You shouldn’t use Bison in place of Sakura for hard matchups because you would be depriving yourself of the knowledge and experience in dealing with Ryu with Sakura. Being good at this game with any character requires that you learn each matchup with a given character. Learn the matchups from one character’s perspective, and you’re more likely to grasp another character quicker because you’ll know what works and what doesn’t work since you can apply deductive reasoning to determine how any given matchup will play. Stick with Sakura, and you’ll discover useful tactics and strategies that make you better as a player.


Dumb Reason? yes. Dumb Reasoning? Probably not. Just do what you want. We don’t exactly have to choose your character.


i 2nd everything he just said, tier dont mean much until WWAAAAaaaaayyy later


play your favorite character Sakura.