What does this mean? (Old 90s thing)

BTW: This isn’t a troll thread… I really don’t know where it came from and what it’s supposed to mean.
When somebody says, "Hey, look at this"
you look down, and they have this to show you.



and then you get punched.

We did something similar to this in school, but the the hand was formed so that all of the finger tips were touching the tip of the thumb. IIRC what we did symbolized looking at the person’s crotch.

ahhhh the circle game…

I used to have creative ways of doing that

i’d pull out a ladder, climb it, then do the circle while everybody was looking up at me. great trick at work :slight_smile:

You gotta put your finger through the circle and then you get to punch them.

LOL. yeah i remember doing that in middle and high school… nobody ev er asked why. we just did it

If its the sexual way, I done it unintentionally and my Primary School “GF” was like WTF :open_mouth:

This, is exactly why I had no idea what it was.

somehow I doubt the validity of this quote from cracked.com

I remember this.

I have no idea why anyone did it though.

Dude…at my school, whenever you look at that, it’s one hand slap. My track team did that shit all season lol, even one of the coaches played it.

best gay innuendo in this thread :smiley:

orly dude?

In middle school we played it and as long as you put it below the waist and got someone to looked at it, its a free punch. Probably originated from the same trolls that invented the “PT pinch”

It is in a episode of Malcom in the Middle. I don’t know if its the origination of it or not, but it was where I first learned about it.

I saw this in Malcom In The Middle.

This was the stupidest shit. I wanted to punch every person who ever did it near my vicinity, in the crotch.

For real. This game was so damn dumb.

I remember this game. People would always flex the rules as much as possible, like saying as long as the circle was below their waist it was fair game to jump up and put the circle at eye level then get a free hit. Just don’t do it to bigger kids.

I found a possible origin:

http://home.flash.net/~tomj/tunny/game/game.html (Scroll down to Part II)

According to this, the “Circle-Hand Game” possibly originated by guys stationed on submarines (though not one person the writer spoke to knew the exact origin, but it is the first known instance of it for all of them). Some boats called it the “Chinese Eye Magnet”, which might have been the original name. In a website reader poll, the oldest person who remembered playing this game while on a sub did so in 1948, so the game is at least that old. Apparently being stuck in a tin can under water for extended periods will motivate you to think of anything to pass the time, so this one kinda came about as one of the few non-perverted attempts for sailors to keep their sanity. When they came back from service, they taught it to their kids, who taught it to their kids, and then it just became a playground tradition whose origin was lost. Kind like cootie shots I guess.

Its mean gang warfar brah…
aint no1 throwing shyt at me less its my cut breeaaahh

I once saw it as a bumper sticker on the back of a Prius. The only thing I could think of is “Damn, he got me.”