What does turbo mode do on the Te Stick round 2?

I have the madcatz official street fighter te stick round 2, and it has a turbo function. Can anyone tell me what it does?



Hold down ‘turbo’ and tap the button you want to assign rapid input.

how can that help me in a sf match? :s , I don’t get the point.

it can’t. And it’s banned.

Turbo function is designed for you to play games like MetalSlug without having to mash furiously on your buttons.

Oh okay. Thanks

It’s the easy way to access moves like Blanka’s electricity, which makes it a brain dead anti-air and combo ender causing knockdown.

But yeah… the only time I’ve ever used ‘turbo’ in a game was Nightbreed on the Amiga. It was the only way I knew to outrun Peloquin and advance to the next level.

<3 Amiga <3