What does Twelve's taunt do?

Adds to his defense or another bonus?

With 3 taunts does his health get at least decent?

Yeah, sounds like you’re confusing Q with Twelve. As far as I know, Twelve’s taunt only makes him invisible. Q’s taunt gives him crazy life by thte third taunt.

i think it’s over 45%?

also it gives him more DEFENCE

12’s taunt makes him invisible. It MIGHT help when attempting a cross-up or in confusing ur opponent.

I’ve never seen a better example of doing NO research whatsoever.


It makes him invisible, plain and simple. The wiki could have told you that.

As has been said before…12’s taunt makes him invisible, it doesn’t do anything else. No bonus for offense or defense, just invisibilty. It’s almost useless.


Can you taunt while invisible? And does doing so give Twelve 200% more defense? I heard rumors on the streets that it gives him the ability to actually combo things.

Not doing ANY research before making threads FTW!

taunt while invisible make him visible

what if you xcopy into Q you can taunt X3 and get super defense?
and what if you xcopy into Q after he has full taunts and then yuo tuant X3 yourself on top of that?
are you are broken?

You obviously misheard/read. If you taunt while invisible with Twelve you win automatically. The catch is that his second taunt takes a lot longer.

pherai shut the fuck up.


Seriously, bro. This is all shit you can look up on fucking in the Anniversary Guide or even GAMEFAQS!

You’re a rhythmic hallucination

You’d think it would be one of the more obvious ones.

lay off him. He is usually right anyways and this time for sure

u also can’t super while invis but can you parry and it looks sick haha

Of course you can super while invisible, I do it all the time… dood.

I don’t know if anyone has said this, but the taunt makes him invisible. Sure, I could simply scroll down the screen and see what people have written, but why would I spend my time doing that? That’s for other people to do, not me. I just throw things out there, and whether they’re reasonable or not, whatever, it doesn’t even matter. I’m all about not even taking the slightest precaution against bothering other people and making myself look like a total idiot.

^i dont disagree.

nor did i read this thread at all, i like the title though

This thread is as useless as XCOPY.