What does Yoshi's MP Suicide actually do?

There doesn’t seem to be any strike invincibility at any point in the move. This is contrary to the patch notes. LP is throw invincible and HP is projectile invincible as expected, but is there some kind of glitch on Yoshi’s MP version? <br><br>Thanks. <br>

That was a mistranslation of the japanese patch notes. We’ve fixed it for the frame data doc just today.<br><br>MP version ignores “counter” moves (Heihachi, Asuka etc). Haven’t tested it, so if you’d be willing to do so, I’d appreciate it.<br>

I just tested it on Asuka. It definitely ignores the counter, whereas the lp and hp version still get thrown like a sack of potatoes.The same goes for piercing Heihachi’s MK, HK, and EX counter. Thanks for posting!<br>

That’s…why, just why<br>How could something be mistranslated so badly