What does your computer desk/workstation look like?


I’m curious to see how SRK works or, if you’re not an office job person, what your work place looks like.

I’ll share mine. I work from home a lot so this is the desk I work from. I had to put everything nearby so I wouldn’t have to get up often.



Mine’s better.


Where is the mirror you chop your coke on bro?


You might have a problem


I win.


Lol try again kid.


That’s the dustiest desk I’ve ever seen. It’s like you emptied your dust bin onto it and just decided it made a great decoration.


Stfu ngrfgt.

Your setup consists of using a laptop + couch. That’s not a setup, that’s a getup!


I don’t have one. I rarely do drugs these days. I Just drink and even then I don’t drink every day.


How did you know?



My desk = made out of cherry oak
Your desk = made out of M(D)F Doom

My keyboard = Cherry MX Red’s with dampening rings
Your keyboard = generic rubber dome wireless keyboards w/ keylogger

My mouse = ergonomic trackball or G502 for gayming
Your mouse = generic Samsung mouse

My computer = the GOAT
Your computer = the goatse


Worst puerto rican ever.


Still laughing at this, take a closer look with your blind ass


>Dell monitors
>wireless keyboard and mouse
>gayming on a laptop

0/10 shit setup drink bleach you pavement skin moolie.


Here you go fatty, they made one just for you.

Try not to slip and fall on your on nut stains.


Here’s mine when I’m in the office:



Not gonna lie I figured you would be super disorganized. But that is well done.


I just recently moved so its not completely done. but this is my computer/gaming area




No setup is complete without Chicken Express. Take notes scrubs.


was actually my first time eating there. was just seeing what was in my area. some good ass sweet tea