What don't you like about GOOD combo videos?

this isn’t another stop doing this shit in combo videos thread. i mean like when you watch a demise, magnetro or meikyo video.

i usualy don’t like watching sentinel combos… they were cool at first but now they’re usually all the same stuff like fly lk unfly fly lk like 10x in a row. i mean on a technical level it’s impressive as fuck but once everyone sticks it in their combo videos it gets old.

Other than the overly used reps thing, nothing else springs to mind that wouldn’t classify it as a BAD combo video.

The repetitiveness of the music used. I cannot remember how many combo videos I’ve seen that have Robert Miles’ “Fable” as the BGM.

I always find it strange when calm music is used in a combo video.
example: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8127511429763555168

The random J-Rock/Pop songs.

I agree with darkside. I’d actually prefer no music at all.

I agree, but random techno garbage is far worse. Music that relates to the video in someway is always the best choice.

Yeah, I agree with this. AND I’m a fan of “techno” too lol.

It always confuses me when people point out combo videos that have “bad” music, but the video they point out happens to have no in-game sounds either.

It’s like… uhh… fucking mute it and play your own music if you don’t like it. If the video doesn’t have game-sounds anyway why are you complaining. It’s not like you have to listen to it in order to watch it when there’s a mute button.

Now, if the video does have in-game sounds then that’s different. But if the music is really horrible I usually end up muting it anyway and playing something in winamp.

Though, I agree that music should have something to do with the video (fit the theme) or be choreographed with the action (like Ikusat’s videos). Like, movies we see in the theater type of choreography.

KYSG’s music selections effing rule.


Mute it. :annoy:

people who have to taunt after EVERY FUCKING COMBO. It’s like they’re OCD and must make sure every combo ends with a taunt, because that’s one way to show Training Mode who’s boss!

No music, or no J-Rock/Pop songs. But the best thing to do is just put that shit on mute.

and play one of the good remixes of sandstorm.

What I don’t like is I can’t even do half the shit I see.

I only like shitty music if it has something to do with the movie.

This is a good example, I don’t like the song itself but it fits the situation.

A good example of music not fitting at all is this one Potemkin combo video I saw with the girliest jpop ever. A song like Kashmir would work perfectly in any Potemkin combo video but I haven’t seen it used yet :confused:

Breed to Breathe would be an awesome song to play during a Venom combo video too :3

Oh man haha~!!! :rofl:

showing the same setups over and over. and in games that the combo system hasn’t been exploited to hell (cough marvel cough), show more glitchy shit, and program pad shit.

they’re too advanced. in every meik vid there are a ton of infinites but they’re never looped, joo only shows one rep… i guess he gives everyone too much credit haha (watch 8-11 again)