What don't you like about GOOD combo videos?

Lack of transcripts. Xenozip’s Alpha 3 vid and Thongboy’s Twelve vid had some great damn stuff in them directly. The ‘Inifinitos Basicos’ spanish vids have transcripts in Spanish, but its easy to figure out what they’re trying to say. NKI’s stuff almost always has a transcripts.

I like my videos to be useful, not just pretty.

Beat me to it. Unless you’re too cool to share your combos, transcripts would help incredibly.

I’ve been thinking about that, and I’m kind of torn…

Here’s my issue. I’ve seen some karaoke-style transcripts in Ikusat’s and Zenfire’s videos and they were pretty slick looking. But, I felt they were entirely unnecessary because I’ve played Hisui and Haomaru for at least a day, so I knew what I was looking at without having to read the transcripts. If there was a move that I saw that I didn’t recognize through muscle memory I could just go into training mode and figure it out or read a FAQ somewhere.

Actually, in my head it’s even better to not have transcripts, because if there actually was something that I didn’t understand then I would go ask some one. And then that right there connects people via the game/video.

In Theory: If you’ve never played the game then the video isn’t for you. If you’re just getting into the game and trying to learn through a video you should probably just play the game for a little while first instead of trying to x-copy what you see. And if you’ve been playing for a while then you should recognize what you see without needing to be told in the actual video.

But then I’m torn because it does look pretty cool, and people say they want it. So maybe I’m the only one who feels that way. :expressionless:

Not enough Darude - Sandstorm in vids.

The people in the videos are so damn better than me; that’s what I hate…

I have nothing against purely aesthetic vids; ‘Ode to the 2 hit Combo’ was awesome even if I dont play half of the games on it. But that’s setting the bar high for any damn combo video.

Take the ‘How to play Team Mike Z’ videos for example. Pretty well done set of videos and lots of good stuff to learn, but I still think a transcript would have good to see. Take for instance the part showing Tron’s guard breaks in the corner. For the life of me, I don’t know when to press the assist button on those. Ditto for any assist combo I see that doesnt start out pressing the assist in the beginning ‘short short psylocke’ style. Now, yes, I could figure it out with a little bit of time in training mode, but tips on when to do it are damn helpful. Compare that to the Twelve video when Thongboy described the 540 degree motion to get a SJC xx air dive super. That was damn helpful.

That’s one end of the ‘beginner friendly/useful’ spectrum. The other end if the pure exhibition combo tutorial, like the ones that require glitch setups like the MvC2 ones that have 2 characters being controlled. I still dont know how thats done and dont really care. It’s just to look pretty.

There are a lot of vids for a lot of games that show off complex skills and execution. It’s easy to get into a mindset and say ‘If you don’t understand what I’m showing you, then you’re not at a level yet where it would do any good.’ It’s a cop out. Just by explaining it, you open it up to be usable by 3x the number of viewers and up everyones game just by having a text file somewhere (not even in the video itself) that explains ‘1:15 by delaying the last two hits of the ROM in the corner, mags can land just a frame or two before Sent and can c.rh into the corner just before sent lands. The odd hitbox of the slide and sent’s hitbox makes this unblockable, resets the combo counter, and allow Mag to continue the beatdown. Done properly, Sent can’t block in any direction.’ (random MvC2 bullshit pulled out of ass. I dont know of any such thing.) Without something like that, most non-pro mvc2 people will think ‘tink tink tink tink, anuther mags beating up a sent, whoopty do’. Sure, if the watcher doesn’t know how to ROM, it may not be immediately helpful. But it helps them understand, and gives them more of a reason to get better, instead of ‘damn, I’ll never be good enough to play, why bother? This shit doesnt make any sense.’ There is an advaced tactics video, the one that shows cable’s counter to AHVB against HSF. Sure, I can’t do it reliably, but I understand it because it explained it. Same with using pushblock for less blockstun so you can counter various things. Same with how a teched throw puts them in regular jump state so they can be guard broken. Good shit to know, each taking up 10 seconds for an explanation page, and a whole bunch of examples afterwards without words. Without the explanations, it would have made no sense. Ditto the quick explanation showing the unblockable exploding eyes when Shuma DHC’s.

To me, a usable video is 10x better than an exhibition video. Ode to a 2 hit just happens to be 100x better than any vid, giving it quite an unfair head start :slight_smile:

I’d also like to see more Strategy in vids. Tactics are good, but Strategy wins game. Buktooth talks about it in his CvS2 FAQs (Stategy for Iori: get to point blank rage. Strat for Morrigan: Knockdown) and the game strategy is described for each character in the Alpha Anthology strategy guide.

Sometimes that doesn’t work, like if the person was watching PowerStrike (by RX). The person COULD mute it but then all these effects and stuff would be happening and it wouldn’t really sync with anything.

As for transcripts…Hmmmm…

That they come every so often.

Stop bitching about music, you obviously can’t please everyone. In fact, the music is the hardest part to select of a video, just ask Magnegro. :smiley:

No in game sound effects. I freakin’ hate it when it is removed. I don’t know if combo makers realize this but, at least for me, part of getting timing down for combos is utilizing sound. It’s easier to distinguish early or late hits with sound than it is without.

LOL I guess the next gen of combo videos should be in either .ogm or .mkv formats so that you can select which track you want to hear. Now if I only had another vid in me…

But to the transcripts, that’s a lot of work, but can be done by anyone after the video is made. Granted, I don’t think any of my vids really required a transcript…but they were more of a ‘look what you can do in this situation’ kind of deal…

So let me ask you guys seriously, which would you prefer?

A) No music, but in-game sounds
B) Music, no in-game sounds
C) Music, with in-game sounds

Keep in mind: the music in B and C is already chosen and recorded in the video by the producer and may not be something you like. I would really appreciate feedback on this.

Also, for tutorials:

  1. Subtitles
  2. Karaoke inputs
  3. Audio narration (overrides music and in-game sounds)

Personally, I go with C-1 for combo videos and A-3 for tutorials.

Now that I think about it, I guess the sweetest video could be an .mkv file with multiple tracks, and a subtitle track (multiple?):

Audio track:

Track 1 (default): both music & ingame sounds, like most
Track 2: Just ingame sounds
Track 3: Just music (in case someone wants your song, they can rip it)
Track 4: Audio commentary (crowd sounds if it’s a match vid?)

Subtitle track:
Track 1: Transcript
Track 2: Director’s comments

Indeed, this would be a sweet video. Of course such a thing can be done in DVD format, but I think a .mkv file would make it more mobile and able to contain better video compressing codecs.

a-1 is the best IMO. or C-1.