What draws/pushes you to/away from a fighting game?


Hopefully that title makes sense but anyways I’m pretty new to the fighting game community and I’ve noticed that although each game has at least a decent sized community, SF4 and UMVC3 seem to stay on top. I definitely enjoy playing and watching both of those but I still wonder about the other games e.g. KOF 13, P4, Arcana, Blazblue, SCV, etc. I always try to watch vids on SRK or Eventhubs and still have no idea why the communities for some games are extremely tiny.

So essentially I’m looking for definitive reasons as to why the communities aren’t intertwined. I know there are a lot of fighting games out right now so it’s almost impossible to play them all competently but to see games that are of sound making struggle is confusing. Is it the difficulty of execution? Art direction? Character relation/identification? Age? I know it’s not really a pressing matter or anything but just wanted some thoughts on this. For me it’s execution (even though mine is particularly awful XD) and then relation. Anything constructive is welcome and thanks!


USA likes Capcom games.


Both SF4 and MVC3 are extremely execution heavy games but Capcom successfully fooled the masses to think they are noob friendly.
Yeah they are noob friendly… for “1 week” level of play. As soon as you decide to get serious you hit the execution wall. I’d say most of the other games people play are overall easier. (Varies depending on character but still…)


People just like w/e capcom makes.


yeah capcom seems to have the US on lockdown that’s for sure and agreed on the advertisement, I’m garbage at marvel and I’m slowly but surely getting better at SF4 (i think) but ppl do tend to label those as noob friendly games


Broken shit. I.E. you have to counter pick or play retarded to beat a retardedly op character. Chun li in 3S.

Dumbed down input shortcuts.

Comeback mechanics.


Anything produced by Capcom in the last few years.


Truth. The more broken, the better.


Promotion is absolutely huge (When’s the last time you saw a TV ad for a fighting game that wasn’t for a Capcom or Namco game?), and maybe more importantly a good license/IP is even huger.

So basically, SF4 was huge because it got a lot of promotion/media exposure and everyone recognized it. A vast majority of players barely know who SNK is.

The other thing is that success or failure is self-feeding, so if there’s nobody playing online, the people looking for matches start to give up (which is what Skullgirls is facing right now)

So the real answer is SF4 and MvC3 are still big because everybody knows SF and Marvel, and because that’s what everyone else is playing.


The entirety of MK9’s release window? Quite a bit more than for any Capcom game and somewhat more than Tekken 6 at that.


Hah I was afraid MK might be an exception, I hadn’t seen any ads, but I don’t watch very much TV.

Still, include MK then, it did very well, and still has a reasonable number of people playing it.

If anything, that reinforces the point, because MK was the other big franchise to come out of the '90s in the US.


What draws me in? Interesting new IP/rosters and the feeling that I’m being listened to(GGPO in SG or expansive online options in BB).

What pushes me away? Slow gameplay, the feeling that I’m being ignored(the months after Vanilla MvC3’s launch were dead quiet) and money schemes(gems). Milking hurts too(Capcom is on a roll and ASW pushed it with Extend).


What draws me in to fighter? A game that rewards a players use of fundamentals and moderate execution. ex. soul calibur, street fighter(pre-4), Virtua fighter, Arcana Heart.
What Pushes me away? Long combos of devastating damage that makes it too one sided to the point of it being a 1-player game. ex: UMVC3. GG, Skull Girls, AE2012, Blazblue.

Also, Some fighters are favored more in different Countries:
Europe- Soul Calibur
Latin America- King of Fighters
USA- UMVC3 & Street Fighter
Japan- Virtua Fighter + any other anime fighter


Feeling like I"m being listened to kind of leaves me cold. I assume (from long sad experience at this point) that all developers are utterly full of shit when they emphasize how much they’re listening to the fans.


What drew me in?

I’m a fan of kung fu films and other Hong Kong style action films.

I love the feeling of putting work in and seeing the reward as well.

Ryu and Co. has built up strong brand loyalty. Really, the only 2 successful FG franchises of Capcom in the West are SF and the games with Marvel characters in them.


A game that makes me feel like I’m actually rewarded for making smart decisions, and also rewards the practice put into your execution, in that being able to do the advanced stuff has real concrete advantages over week 1 tactics.

Also, it should be aesthetically pleasing and have interesting characters.

I’d bet that if KOF actually had a good movie, more people would play it.


Games that are fun to play regardless of what it is.
I could play MB matches for a while because the different types of crap you can do within each mode.
I play GG, even if Im not good at it because I want to see some crazy ass Johnny or see someone get stuffed by May.
Marvel and SF because the competition.


Characters and overall art direction. If I don’t like any of that I’ll probably not play it.


I get turned off by fighters. Why? Not enough rape. Why isn’t there a fighter that lets you commit sexual assaults and degradations on your opponents? You know, like a real fight.


99% agree with this except with GG. I feel everything in GG is just about right. not too much or to little.


Me personally, I like variety. I like my character to be MY character. White Fox Shun has been around for me since Shun had the gear to pull it off in VF, and with the variety of moves in the game, mix-matching is what keeps me interested. Knowing I can make my own style and it works as well as anyone elses. Thats what makes me like fighting games.

What makes me not like them? Bad netcode and slow gameplay.