What draws you to fighting games, why do you enjoy them?

Since this is essentially the premier Western fighting community I was curious as to what the responses would be to the aforementioned question.

I like practicing combos, the tournament events also seem pretty fun.

For me its the competition and hype. I love the adrenaline rush you get when you are neck and neck with your opponent or their are only a few seconds left on the clock.

Fighting games can have unlimited replay value if they’re popular and competitive enough I noticed. I have yet to go to a tournament but I can just tell from what people say in the shoutouts of the results thread that its a very fun experience.

I love playing them for there re-playability on versus play. Learning the different games is worth it in general.

I play them for the competition, it would bring all my friends together to play on the weekends when i used to live back in south florida now that i live in charlotte nc i play them for the memories and now im trying to find a set of people that play.

I play them to see personal improvement. It’s one of the few games where a particular fault or inability to execute something can be blamed on your own personal skill, or that of your opponent. I can’t get that in sports games, RPG’s or MMO’s. Some FPS’s, perhaps~ but I feel there is too much of a random factor when it’s more than head to head gameplay.

When I flub a combo, it’s a personal and deeply rooted thing in me that tells me I need to work harder, train better~ play more. Few games get me to want to play them again out of the principle of actual improvement. To seek victory. When I see top players. I wonder more than just what tips they have to win. I want to know what drives them. What they think about at home when they train. Before we ever knew their names, how often did they spend sitting on a couch somewhere fighting, working hard~ not knowing if all those hours in training would pay off or not. Is it arrogance, pride or natural talent that makes them what they are?

Me, I don’t know if I’ll ever be someone considered a top player, and perhaps it’s that very thought that disqualifies me before I’ve even given myself the chance. I see it as realism, while some may say it’s pessimistic. The truth is~ fighting games give the opportunity of one person to be on an even footing with another. They have the same controls as you, and the same desire to win…and they are human, just like me~

I play fighting games, to forget that last bit, if just for a few seconds.

I like beastin nerds.

Fighting games are the only things I’m even close to being good at.

Plus using Cammy is fun.

I love the mind game. What I hate is when a game is very poorly balanced, and all it takes is one dude to pick a character who’s got a Touch of Death combo and that’s it. The majority of fighters boil down to this.

…U srs

ToD combos aren’t game-breaking though. O_o

Because I am causally determined to do so.

Because no other genre of head to head player vs. player combat imbues the same sense of freedom as a good fighter.

Seon asked me what my favorite thing about fighting games was, but his answer was a lot better than mine: blocking.

I like to watch people playing fighting games, like tournaments on streams, just to see the competition. When I play, it’s about interacting with the other person’s mind, their preconceived notions of how to play and trying to overturn them, not really as much about winning to me because I don’t train combos or have discipline to be a winner.

I love to support the streams and watch the interactions of players and seeing who will win, picking sides of characters i like to win, but I don’t tolerate hype super well. As someone unnamed would say, “I’m a bitch. Sayonara.”

I did just get a fightstick so maybe i will play better now. get out of the 2500 pp bracket lol
nah, probably not.

The Yomi, THE YOMI!!!

I really like using CapCom’s assist.

Bengus artwork and flashy combos drew me to XvSF.

i stay because pulling off a combo on someone is more satisfying than the furthest headshot

Cause sport games are boring (with the exception of arcade style ones) and I suck at puzzle and rhythm games when they’re head-2-head.