What dremel to buy for modding sticks

I need a dremel so i can modify some stick casing…I never had a dremel before so what would you recommend me to buy? What accessories to buy? Here’s what i saw so far in Amazon…

If there’s a better/cheaper place to buy let me know…Thanks

I have the first one you posted and it works great for me.

the 300 is your standard do everything dremel.

also, the black and decker rtx is a good cheaper alternative.

I have a two-speed model and it’s done everything I’ve ever wanted it to do, but if I were to buy a new one I would get a variable speed model, probably 300. I would avoid buying a cordless model just as I wouldn’t buy another cordless drill - AC motors are basically maintenance-free, while with DC you have to maintain brushes and a battery. Corded is also more efficient.

Thanks guys for the replies, does that set with amazon have all the accessories i need to modify sticks such as sanding out button holes, cutting plexi, etc…

or would i need to buy this with it?

all the reviews say the 400 xps sucks, so…stay away from that one. I’m borrowing a 300 cordless from my friend, works quite well on plastic stick casing and very light metal work(just to smooth)

to cut out a square in the middle of a piece of wood, what could i use besides a dremel? or is a dremel the best thing out there to do this?

I’m in the process of trying to get some rectangular holes cut myself, and so far I’ve been told to drill a hole, then get a small jigsaw and cut out the square.

I’ve also heard using a Roto-zip is a good idea.

I’m kind of lost on what exactly is the best way to do this.

i’m thinking about just buying a dremel, stuff is useful and handy sometimes.

I’m a fan of the 300.

I use a $15 single speed dremel I got from someone on Craigslist. Works just fine =). Dunno what brand though. Will check when I get back home.

I bought a 300 yesterday because I usually get the expensive, but not the most expensive version of things. Glad to hear that it’s recommended.

I use a $20 Dremel brand single speed. Has worked fine for everything I do.