What Drives Success? (NY Times article)


Interesting article I read in the Times about the personality characteristics that, according to studies, are common in successful people.

Article: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/26/opinion/sunday/what-drives-success.html?_r=1

If you’re too lazy to read the article (but you should read it, it’s interesting), they are:

  1. Superiority complex/need to prove one’s self
    2.Feelings of inferiority
  2. Impulse control



They may be successful…but they sound like unhappy, insecure bastards.


Yep. As an artist and a producer, I meet a lot of people who are successful but completely fucked up and miserable in pretty much every other aspect of their lives. so it seems like a bit of a trade off…


The article is an example of sociologists (and women especially) working backward from a conclusion and then making assumptions to justify their conclusion.

It also does not even try to tie together the claims.

Firstly, what does entrance into a local NYC school have to do with the average incomes of a race as a whole? You would have to show large numbers 20-40 years ago, not the applicant pool of a year or two ago. Those kids are making exactly $0. I can explain that easily, everyone knows a large number of rich Asian immigrants have been coming to the US and putting that money here. 2/3rds of all home purchases the past 2 years have been by cash, without a mortgage, and a considerable amount are from Chinese immigrants. Not poor ones, they don’t have the money to buy houses obviously, but rich ones.

The poor ones come here and maybe a few do well, but that is a large, large, large sample size, and all you’re looking for is students again for that first part. But let’s say a number do earn a higher salary, and are not part of the already rich and connected that just came here for their jobs (anybody who has worked at the higher levels of finance or any other industry knows many, many people are imported from the upper classes around the world to those high level jobs in the US). Firstly, you are only looking at the successful ones, and I’ve already shown how that would be murky, and then you are making up the numbers that are successful. Anybody that believes it’s anywhere near 4/10 only needs to go to Flushing or any other densely populated Asian area to see how impossible that number is. Go to Chinatown and poor Asians are sleeping in illegal rat infested closets.

Additionally, and this is probably my favorite point, if you look at the board members of Fortune 500 companies or the top levels of government or anything else, that is, what we truly define as success, it is majority Caucasian. There is no dispute on this, it’s a pure fact. Because the sample size is so large and because most of the country is filled with Caucasians, there is no need for many to struggle forward at all. They own property in their small towns and don’t need to make a higher income. Instead they just live off their money. There was a common saying in the local bar organization “obviously you live off the interest, that’s how everyone lives” as if that was the most normal thing in the world. I didn’t come from that type of social circle so to me it was just annoying to hear that. But if you’re making say $50k in trust money interest a year, why would you need to work a $100k job and be taxed down to less than that?

Maybe some of this was addressed, as I skimmed the article, but I saw the name of the authors and skimmed through it a bit, and I just laughed. Also why weren’t Japanese people listed? They actually have the highest incomes by race in the country, not Chinese. I’ve heard of this a few weeks ago, it’s some Asian Law Professor that came up with this junk, and wrote a really racist book. That NY Times article is a very sanitized version of what was shown to me.


Where’s the Koreans? I know plenty that went above and beyond their parent’s education and careers.


Dude, the article’s not about incomes. That’s only a small portion of what they’re talking about. Read the article in full, don’t just skim it.


Number 3 is definitely wrong. Being successful takes intestinal fortitude through frustrations and setbacks and getting there usually takes a while. Whilst the original idea might have been on a whim, the journey certainly takes resolution and determination.


Find wealthy people and network your way in.


I will look through it tomorrow. But that won’t make me retract anything I wrote above, as it would just be unrelated if you really think that.


Serpent: i agree. Its called backward-rationalization. Most, if not all of them, do this. I can give more concrete examples but i dont want to bother explaining to people on this forum.


I think what they mean by impulse control could be best described as not giving in to temptation. For example, not spending all your money on booze tonight but rather saving it towards the car you’ve been loooking at getting.


The key to success is to succeed.

You’re welcome


The article cherry picked examples, but who the fuck doesn’t? The author is on point. Education is the one thing that cannot be taken away from you, and that is the immigrant parent mantra. Immigrants and their 1st/2nd gen children are hungry, never satisfied, and will stomp all over you.


I’ve always wondered about stuff like this. Especially in how this could be applied to the general, middle class, privileged population. People that are born into comfort and don’t work as hard. It would be beneficial to people if there was some mechanic in them that made them fight to maintain their comfort. In my experience, if you take a person who was raised in comfort, and put him in a situation where they are now disenfranchised, he won’t work to get it back. If he does, he doesn’t work as hard at it as someone who was born disenfranchised but knows what being enfranchised is.

I’ve also thought about this with the games we play, and not just fighting games. There are a lot of quitters. If there was a mechanic to incentivize them away from quitting, it would benefit everyone. Something that would result in an attitude where, if a guy was playing Go and suddenly realizes he is going to lose a shitload of territory, doesn’t end the game there.


Haha I’m sorry but this post cracked me up. Are you still in school?


Are you?


Ah you must be, otherwise you wouldn’t have taken the juvenile tact of answering a question with a question. No wonder you have such an ignorant and sheltered view of the world. Force people to play fighting games bwahahaha


Not only can you apparently not read (force people to what?), but you claim to spot logical fallacy after typing three in a three word sentence.

I see you got nothing to say.


You do realise that tuition is far from being cheap these days? While your education cannot be taken from you, your wages can be garnished and your credit rating can be ruined if you dont pay your student loans.


Define success