What elements would make up the perfect 2d fighting game?

Thread title says it all. Have you ever dreamed of the perfect game? Do you think its more Marvel-ish, Street Fighter like, sorta Guilty Gear? What system mechanics do you think it would need? How about a character archetype that you might have never seen or hasn’t been done well? Discuss here.

Vampire Savior exists so I don’t have to dream.

I never played much VS. What makes it good compared to say the versus series.

This is impossible to actually quantify outside of vague, abstract ideas as everyone will have different tastes and preferences.

Personnaly I really like character modifiers like arcanas and grooves, the more choice the better since they both help you play characters how you want to with the extra tools/changes to modifiers and can help with balence in the same way.

(That said, they have to be implemented properly, pre-order only/dlc modifers are such a poor way of doing this they become a drawback when done like that imo)

That said I dare say these would completely ruin the game for someone else out there, like everything that comes into this thread most likely will lol.

no gimmicks

Being able to use any character to win.

Amazing netcode + what dev said

While this is true i just wanna see if theres any specific system mechanics that people agree they like. For example Chains or Links: how do YOU like your combos.

Some prefer one or the other. One doesn’t always work in different games. The only constant is amazing netcode.

It has lots of good stuff but no bad stuff!

Hmm, I like the speed and hype of the Vs series. That would have to be a base. I like Guilty Gear because it has people use meter in different ways, it stresses meter management. You either use meter to negate block damage, extend chains or for supers. Unlike Guilty Gear though, there wouldn’t be as much focus on what you’re doin to people on wake up. The otg system would be like MvC3, where only certain moves otg but for knockdown, certain moves wouldn’t allow for the person to roll. So there might be a few characters who focus heavily on wake up game, but not all. I could go on, but I’m tired…

cvs2 :smiley: done

Guilty Gear but with Dr. Doom as a playable character

fixed that for you

A proper understanding of 3D graphics in the audience so they won’t run their mouth bawwing on how it’s not drawn and done by ArcSys, or some bullshit about 3D making netcode suck.

a 3 vs 3 type VS game without combos that go on forever! where you would really have to earn your victory’s by playing smart. -ALSO NO COMEBACK MECHANICS-

based somewhat on a marvel (Versus) capcom 2 like engine with emphasis on small combos, hyper combos, air combos, heavy strategy based on your special moves, zoning, mixups, assists, trapping, rushdown, resets, all the good stuff etc, etc…

  • I was thinking something like low-tier mvc2, but it would also be different in some ways.

yeah this one.

i just want a fighting game that’s well designed more than anything. not a single game released in the past 5 years has had great design in the genre.

so would it be safe to say a vs, gg, mvc2 pace is whats hot compared to a sf , mk, cvs style game.

So what’s so bad about the latest editions of MB, AH, VF, KOF etc.?