What else do I need to play on live?

I have the ethernet cord, xbl subscription, etc. But what do I need for the ethernet cord to go to? And is there someway to run the cord from my pc to my xbox, cause its only a couple feet away from each other, whereas the cord from my computer runs all the way through my garage into the other computers router.

Thanks guys. :tdown:

umm just plug the ethernet cable into the xbox on one end and the other end into one of your router outlets.

Okay, but instead of running the cable all the way from my dining room computer to my xbox (which was a pain in the ass, had to go through the garage, needed like 50 feet of cable) can I just get another router and plug the xbox cable into it, and another cable from the router to my bedroom computer?

I’m sorry.I’m kinda confused…the way im set up is i got my xbox right by the router and i used a ethernet cable to connect the right to the box…how do you want to do it?

I have two computers, one is in the living room and one is in my room. The router is right by the living room computer, and my xbox is by my computer. Since the router is by the living room computer, I had to run a 50 foot ethernet cord from the router all the way to the computer in my room.

Now I really dont want to run another 50 foot cord from the router to the xbox, so I was wondering if theres a way I can get another router to put close to my computer, that way I can just run a 10 foot cord from the router to the xbox.

Go wireless

Tell me more

be careful with wireless.

some wireless routers cause made lag

I always just hook the cable modem straight to the Xbox.