What else has been reduced in RYU AE

Could someone please make a list of what are the things Ryu cant do from the normal SSF4 version.

i know about the air tatsu has no escape option is there anything else…

Cr.mk’s hit box has changed and can be stuffed easier.

Reduced damage on solar plexus.
That’s all I remember!

2 active frames removed on the c.mk
st.mk dammage buff
far st.mp cancellable
cl.s.hk can be cancelled ( edit: actually linked)
bug on the ex tatsu fix
invincibility on mp srk from 4 to 5 ( best buff)

Mostly useless buff and 3 real nerfs.

Can cl.shk really be cancelled?

I can’t cancel it for the life of me, I can link a DP from it, but not cancel. I thought the only thing he got from cl.s.hk was extra frame advantage, it went from +2 to +4?

Air ex tatsu also now hits like gouken iirc.

sorry my mistake I meant link

You can juggle air EX Tatsu to Ultra in the corner now. It’s a fairly useless thing, but funny to land if you can somehow set it up.

I really can’t see or feel any type of difference with Ryu being nerfed besides the Air Tatsu escape. Ryu STILL is one of the best characters in the game. He can still combo into his super and ultra’s the same; better than any other characters out there.

His U1 takes less damage. I’ve noticed this a lot now since I hit yun (who has low stamina). Maybe the link I used caused the damage reduction (cr. short, cr jab srk fadc u1).

Overall he has to take more risks now.

Also he cant copter out of corners anymore. That’s another big nerf.

mr_caesar yes he can. He can do cl.rh cr.forward ex fireball/super

c.shk, cr.foward is a link, mr_caesar was wondering if cr.hk was cancellable after i made an error in my post­… Edit: Is really possible to link close standing roundhouse to c.mk I tought we were
only +4 on hit, perhaps on counter hit

I think it’s an advantage, that loss allows his air Tatsu cross up to be much more ambiguous!
St. MP is cancelable [Use it with Hadouken] as well as his cl. HK can be linked for major damage!
MP Shoryuken got an extra frame of invincbility!!!
Low Forward still feels the same but it just does NOT stick out as long. However it makes it much harder for people to punish it on whiff. Even Ken’s low forward got nerfed too!
Ryu still has one of the most powerful combos/links in the game! While at the same time he can still combo into his super and ultra easier/BETTER than any other character in the game!
Only downside is that the players footwork game is going to have to improve now since Ryu’s range on his low forward is shorter. That’s it and isn’t something I would consider a nerf.

I am not sure c.mk range is shorter than before, dosent appear this way to me since all the same combo are still connecting.
Its obviously less efficient but has the hitbox really decreased ?

It sure did. Here is the link.


Thx, There no doubt after seing this sad picture :slight_smile:

his crossup tatsu is the same feels the same.

To me it feels different, there are still times when I’ve landed in front of the player instead of crossing up when I’m 99.9% sure in Super it would have landed as a cross up. For me again, I feel the arc is a little different, it seems like you need to do the cross up at earlier.

Nothing that a solid hour or so in the training room won’t fix :slight_smile:

Further to his tatsu nerf, since playing AE more, I’m really starting to hate this nerf more and more. It was already hard enough to close in on Sim, Sagat, Seth, Guile even Ryu/Ken in super, but at least there was the full screen tatsu that you could land on the last hit and possibly ultra if in the corner, now this is completely uselss and I’m finding it soooo much harder to get in on those characters, Sim, Sagat and Seth mainly. I couldn’t care less about the escape tatsu as I never used it, but from an offensive point of view, it’s such a bummer of a nerf :frowning:

Been trying to find his biggest meterless punish, and it looks like j.hk, cl.hk, srk, fadc ultra is the best punish, hard to do off a whiffed dp (solar plexus, cr.hp, dp is still the best for that), but when stunned, that combo seems to be the best now, hard to land and quite risky but quite damaging.

i think the range of the last and penultimate active frames are the same but im not sure of it and im too lazy to check those ssf hitboxes videos. Once he lost the last one, the combos where the last frame hit meaty wont work anymore, aka SP, c.MP, c.MP, c.MK. It dont work anymore on most of the chars it used to work in Super. You have to go with c.HP xx HP dp for max damage. So in a form, c.MK also decreased Ryu’s combo damage against some chars.

Sakura is a better character than Ryu

Nope, not even close. Ryu is still one of the best characters in the game.

cant beat dudley

I’ve just had a look at the eventhubs image on ryu’s c.mk nerf and the hitbox (the red box) remains the same in both images. The hurt box (green box) has been increased horizontally so that it now surpasses the red box which means that the c.mk is more likely to trade but the range at which he can hit the opponent with c.mk should be the same (please correct me here).

Plus, because the active frames have been reduced, the move comes out quicker so its harder to punish if you whiff.

Also, one thing I noticed was that lp srk on grounded opponent > land from srk > super, doesnt seem to work anymore. The super misses (well it did on 2 occassions over the weekend). Has this been nerfed also?