What else is there to do at Vegas?


I asked an aquaintance that used to be a stripper at Vegas and she recommended going to the Rain nightclub (ironically right down the street from the Rio), and her being a stripper also recommended the Spearmment Rhino gentlemens club.

Besides those two things, what else is there to do? Aside from gamble and shows?


Red Statue suggests the GameWorks in Las Vegas.


If you are going for FGs, gameworks is gonna be disappointing, unless you like climbing that fake wall.

They have roller coasters at Sahara, NYNY, Stratosphere, and if you want to drive a little, the Desperado at Buffalo Bills.

Spearmint is my choice as a strip club, so it is definitely a place to go.

Our local team, “The 51s” is in season and you can attend a baseball game. They have the thirsty thursdays (really cheap ass beers) as part of their promotion.

Palms in general have good nightclubs, so Rain, and w/e else they have, If you have a mode of transportation, there is also Pure, Tao, Rum Jungle, Jet down the strip.

If you can drive up to Boulder City you can go Sky Diving.

There is an indoor Sky Diving place locally too.

Poker Tournaments: Wynn has a 100 dollar buy-in weekly. MGM has it cheaper and its pretty good.

Golf courses are awesome if you love golf.

If you love hookers go to Parump.



I personally liked the round table buffet at the Excalibur. Wasn’t bad at all.


They have an indoor kart racing track right across the street from Palms. I believe its Pole Position.

The 51s are garbage, its now the farm team of the Bluejays…used to be the dodgers.

They also have a indoor sky-diving place… called flyspace …check out their website.

A warehouse where from floor to wall… trampolines everywhere… skyzone.

Rain is a shitty club. do not go there.

Theres also a bowling alley right at the Gold Coast.


I hear that most of the hotels have nice mini-soaps! v:angel:v


That indoor Sky-diving attraction sounds like a really nice idea.


If you are into shows (and have some money) Cirque du Solei shows are pretty damn good. I thought they were going to be lame, but trust me when I say it will be one of the craziest shit you have ever seen.

I recommend The Beatles Cirque du Soleil show called Love, it is a real big trip.


I’ve always wanted to see one of these live, but have never had enough money while in Vegas.


holy crap i cant believe this is a thread.

ill bite anyways

im gonna try and hit up voodoo lounge in the rio for the fuckin bubbly couldron drink. it tastes like a jolly rancher but that shit will fuck you up v.fast. be careful.

the rio seafood buffet is supposed to be really dope but ive never been.

gambling is fun too even if you dont have much money for it. for those on a budget, play low limit hold em because even if you are terrible your money will last a long time.

I caught zumanity when i was in vegas about 6 weeks ago but that shit will make you mad horny so if youre going with a bunch of dudes i would not recommend it.

honestly though, just fuckin go with the flow. if people are going to x location for a donkey show, just do it, as long a ‘x’ is not the Circus Circus Manor




its hard not to


what are the sick malls in vegas? i’m not 21 yet, so i’m gonna be buying a lotta shit.


I’m definitely hitting up Voodoo lounge… We must kick it sir! :tup:

If you got game… you are partying Miami Vice style on that roof with hot bitches!

As far as clubs go -
Encore’s XS club is way better than POS Rain
If you like cracked out nights then go to Dreis lol

Events -
Try to catch a cirque di solei show or Encore’s Le Reve (looks like Bellagio’s O show)


I might catch Penn and Teller’s show at the Rio…or Carrot Top’s .


massage parlors


damn this shit sounds good. this will be my first time too.


bar at times square at ny ny
coyote ugly at ny ny
studio 54 at mgm grand. always the phatness every week. lax on dress code, but no shaggy shit
tabu at mgm grand
dancing diva hoes and shit at hooters
diablos live band/hip hop shit next to monte carlo
rain at palms. paul oakenfold resident dj on saturday. was not there last week though
ghost bar at palms. small
tao at venetian. small in my opinion
fat tuesday slushie drink with grain liquor at mgm, planet hollywood, and some other places. good shit
free limo rides to strip clubs in front of like every hotel entrance. lol. no lie
strip club 40 yards from orleans is cool, and after 4am its after party until 10am
hofbrohaus for oktoberfest experience. on harmon ave within walking distance from planet hollywood. liter beers 13 bucks, and just a crazy drunken good time. i spelled the name wrong. google it. lol
rok at nyny.
random mexican restaurant in nyny that plays music on friday nights. good shit. bottom floor near bar at times square
irish bar in nyny just for drinking times. never been
lax at luxor. dj am is there
rum jungle at mandalay bay
dirty dicks at excalibur for raunchy awesomness
cool chill lounge at excalibur with live bands and shit
fat tuesdays at excalibur
prive at planet hollywood
pure at ceasars
poetry at ceasers
fat tuesdays at ceasars

more later

shopping needs can be done at planet hollywood, ceasars, and fashion show mall near treasure island.


yeah, i live in vegas


drink, gamble, etc.


You really got to see one of those shows, trust me when I say that it is worth the ticket price. Save some money and be sure to check it out.


agreed…and I’m a Vegas local LOL