What else would you like to see from the Alpha series in the new arcs?

Out of curiosity, what else would you like to see in the comic book that has already been implemented in the games? It can be anything from fights to characters’ appearing in a certain manner.

I’d like this to happen in the comic

  1. Juli vs. Cammy: In the game, Juli is sent by Bison to terminate Cammy who has become a rogue soldier. When Juli confronts her, Cammy says that she’s changed and that she’s no longer like Juli and the dolls. Juli couldn’t give a **** as she fights her. This would be perfect in the book for three reasons
    a) Juli hasn’t appeared as yet
    b) Cammy’s Shadaloo influence has been erased, making her 'no longer like the dolls’
    c) Bison, who just recovered, will be looking for his precious “Killer Bee”. When he learns the truth, he can send Juli with possibly Juni to terminate her.

  2. T.Hawk vs Noembelu: No matter how much Capcom tries to change our minds, it’s obvious that T.Hawk was supposed to be looking for Noembelu, not Juli. Since this is UDON’s story, not CAPCOM’s, do it the right way and make Noembelu the doll that T.Hawk is looking for.

That’s all I’d basically like to see. What would you like to see?

The GEN and AKUMA fight is a must!
I hope they do have Bison and Akuma fight for awhile in a gruesome battle before Akuma finishes him off with the raging demon.i think it was meant that way anyways.
I agree about T Hawk,it shouldn’t be the doll Juli he is out to save.

More Dan,Karin and R. Mika.I feel cheated so far with these guys as nothing has really happened for them and very few pages with them,with Karin and R. Mika ONLY being in one backup stories a piece.

A 22 page Bison-Rose battle.

Ryu vs. Bison (SFA3 baby) fight, Zangief vs. Blanka fight, and Chun-Li vs. Urien. And I’m talking about more than 7 pages long, with them just beating the crap out of each other.

That would be fine in a movie, but in a comic? How much time would you waste seeing “HYAH!! (SOME RANDOM FIREBALL)” etc…Well, I at least hope for more backup stories.

This is more in SF1 territory but I’d love to see a back up where Gen kills Lee and then Gen decides to look after Yun and Yang.

More Akuma!!!

For some reason in the comic it wouldn’t bug me if T.Hawk went after Juli and not Noembulu, maybe because the other Dolls have gotten plenty of spotlight already. Plus it will just make things easier than focusing on another Doll not in the games. But that’s just me. The SF Eernal Challenge book is going with Juli being the kidnapped girl in T.Hawk’s Bio, in Juli’s Bio and again in the relationship chart, might as well run with it. It gives Juli an actual story.

But T.Hawk being after Juli or Noembulu or even both won’t bother me too much.

As for another request, I’d like to see Rose meet with Aprile’s brother, to see what Aprile’s brother might look like.

And if some of the Dolls minus the one(s) that go off with T.Hawk wound up at E.Honda’s Dojo after the SF2 arc that would be great! :rofl:

I understand what you’re saying but if Udon does the T.Hawk going after Juli story, even regular comic readers who don’t know that much about Street Fighter might look at the story and say “Huh? What about the girl with the stereotypical indian feather? Shouldn’t this T.Hawk character be going after her?”

Juli is German and Noembelu is Latin American with her exact location being Mexico. Plus, apparently on Tiamat’s faq, it seems that Capcom stated that T.Hawk was indeed after Noembelu in Street Fighter Alpha 3, not Juli. All the more reason to put her in. If characters like Eliza and Kei could get more page time than most of the actual game characters, Noembelu should get some part of the story without being seen in the group. Plus, she looks good :clap: . Even though she’s only sixteen in Alpha 3.

The only thing about Juli that sticks out from the other dolls is her chest. Literally. If she and Juli perform their Death Cross Dancing, I will be pleased as they should be the two most powerful dolls after Cammy.

It’s just my opinion, though.

Oh, yes, I forgot to say.

  1. Longer female fights: Why is it that Ryu, Ken and Akuma get a whole issue to fight but Cammy and Chun Li only get six pages that could have been another back up issue?

Heh, the Plot Guide itself is in serious need of an update and SF Eternal Challenge, while not the best source of information it does say Juli, this is straight form Capcom of Japan and it was translated by Udon themselves and it has to be taken into consideration, it’s not like Udon can go and contradict what they themselves translated really(in theory I guess they could but it would sort of make you want to scratch your head). According to SF Eternal Challenge Juli is a member of T.Hawk’s tribe, not German. As for Noembulu, just that. She’s a stereotype, Noembulu is not even a real Mexican Indian name (Neither is Tomahawk but that’s another story, originally he was going to be called Geronimo for crying out loud until CAP USA said nooooooooo) it’s just a play on the word November, Capcom performed zero point zero research on Mexican Indians/Native Americans of Mexico except for when they named T.Hawk’s father Arroyo but I doubt even 1% of Japan would really care. So for me, making T.Hawk go after the stereotype, meh, who cares. At least Juli you can say is short for Julia, at least it’s a Spanish name though not an Indian one. It’s not 100% necessary as far as I’m concerened for it to be Noembulu just because she looks the part. Does the non SF comic book audience even care about anyone that’s not in SF2? According to… Sota toy votes and just about everything else… no. The people who just played the game and are no too interested in researching the story recognize Juli as the lost one, not Noembulu. Juli could just have mixed blood and be half something else, Or her parents could of intermingled at some point, her complexion is pretty easy to explain, there are light skin mexicans too.

But really as I said, I don’t really care that much about the subject either way as far as what the comic wishes to do, that’s just my opinion on it. Udon has the final say in it no matter what we say…

I think it’s hilarious that people will believe a fan-made web-based plot guide over an officially licensed, translated and published book detailing information on almost every character in the SF universe.

No offense to the plot guide…it’s a good read…but Capcom says it’s Juli that is from T.Hawk’s village…so between Capcom and the plot guide…I’m picking Capcom…but that’s just me.

Capcom also says Vega is M. Bison, Balrog is Vega and M.Bison is Balrog.

Lets not even go into the SFA plot (aka “comedy”), Poison and Zangief and so on and on…

Capcom is not exactly known for solid storylines with good continuity and free of contradictions…

English Eternal had to be made favorable in Capcom USA’s eyes. There were changes made from the original book, hence not a direct translation, and Udon couldn’t do anything about that unfortunately. It was either Capcom USA-ize Eternal or it wouldn’t be released in English.

Neither version of Eternal can be looked at for the full story of SF; they’re both a far cry from the content All About Capcom offers, they with very few exceptions don’t contradict earlier Japanese sources and statements, and they’re still “prime-choice” only books in both story and art content. In other words, the whole story cannot be found complete within them, much is missing; and only 600 or so pieces of the artwork from its 15 some year history is included, not everything of everything.

Bottom line, Eternal can be seen as the closest a SF artbook would be of encyclopedic caliber, but All About Capcom is the book that comes closest to encyclopedic level for story, and it still summarizes, hence the Storyline thread here continues its growth. :bgrin:

Hell Yea! thats what I want to see

I don’t care if it’s technically Alpha or SF2, but I must witness Ryu vs. Bison at some point. And Bison must get blasted into his jet, causing it to blow up.

I’d also like to see a closer look at Sagat’s relationship with Bison and the other Kings. I’d really like to see him bitch at Vega and Balrog before telling Bison to piss off. I know he has technically already quit as of issue # 4 OR 5, but I’d like to actually see the confrontation.

I would like to see Yun/Yang’s training, Ibuki after hearing the news about her father’s death, and the Fei Long/Balrog fight(if it happened in A3)would be for kicks. Still, Sagat fighting Dan’s dad and Dan’s Alpha 3 encounter with the killer would also deem profitable.

Side thought: Rival Schools/Street Fighter II crossover :smiley:

According to Mr. Ko, Street Fighter has two separate stories: The tourney and the crime-fighting sides… the A series fits into neither with the exception of Chun Li and Charlie’s persuit of Bison.

Gen kills Lee?

Gen doesn’t kill Lee in the official storyline, all we know is that ‘maybe’ the Chinese Mafia killed him for losing SF1. I’d just thought it would be conveniant for the comic since Gen has worked with the Chinese mafia to have him kill Lee. After Geki that would be 2 SF1 character’s he’s offed! :tup:

I whould like to see a battle between Guy and his master too, as they never got the chance to finish there death match.