What emus run what games the best?

Can anyone who knows any of this type on info please help me?

I’m trying to figure out what emulators run what games the best.

I’m told Mame doesn’t usually run things as well as other emus. Is it because input delay? Timing? Clock speed?

Please, anyone witht his info, post up. I’d like to gather as much data as I can, but I’m most interested in info on SSF2T, Alpha 3, Garou, Vampire Savior and the KOFs.

Thanks in advance!

What are your computer specs? If you have a reasonably current system, it really shouldn’t matter.

MAME’s first goal is accuracy, sometimes that comes at the cost of speed. That said, for the games you mentioned it should work plenty fast enough on a decent computer. What speed computer are you targeting?

i’d like to know where you heard about mame fucking things up; it certainly isn’t designed with NEED 4 SPEED YO optimization but even on my 1ghz pentium 3 i can easily get full speed and then some (i.e. a few graphical filters won’t slow it down too much) in all of the games you listed with 0.64 which is what pretty much everyone uses for netplaying those games anyway (117/119 are a different story though, i have to ditch the filters with them)

and i’d be down for some kof netplay if you ever get it set up, just shout it

I’m not talking about running at full speed, but CORRECT speed or close to it. I heard some run it slightly too slow, some run slightly too fast and some emus and versions of emus have input delay. You guys have never heard of this? I’ll see if I can come up with some links. Maybe I’m wrong, but I heard this several times through the past few years.

Hey dudes, just be careful not to talk about roms and it’s all good.

NP. Please let me know if anything I’ve said so far is out of line. Too be honest, I get a little confused on what’s ok and what’s not on that subject.

Basically, I just bought a candy cab. I have a JPAC, an arcade VGA and a slow PC (P3 667 with 512 ram, prolly gonna get something better soon.) I want to be able to play all these games as close as I can to their true arcade versions. I know it can’t be exact, but I want to get as close as I can.

Thanks for the replies so far.

I suspect that is a bit underpowered. You might try MAME .64 as others mentioned. That is still a popular version for playing many CPS 1/2 games online, for some reason that makes no sense to me.

I like Final Burn Alpha, it lets you change the emulated CPU speed and overclock it to get rid of the slowdown in some games (like Kof 97, Metal Slug series, etc…) and has plenty of video/sound filters to play with. As for MAME I like the MAME32 Plus! Plus! version mainly because it does support PSX plug-ins for the ZN-1 & 2 and Namco PSX based arcade system (system 11 & 22).

You only need a 700 Mhz CPU to play CPS2 games at full speed on MAME.
Also, don’t forget that running MAME is all about CPU power.
MAME runs all CPS2 games at the correct speed except for ST, AFAIK.
I need to do more tests to find out.

keep in mind that you’ll probably have to crank up the game’s own speed setting throuh the dipswitches menu (in 0.64 you press f2 to get to it) and/or use the US rom

but yeah now, a 667mhz p3 is not what you want to be putting in there; build something cheapo with parts from the last 3 or so years i’d say, at least a pentium 4 (how high do those go, like 2ghz?) and such

This is rather well known. Emulated versions of ST usually have some speed issues. An example: Nebula and WinKawaks both speed up noticeably in Dhalsim’s stage, and Ryu’s stage definitely has input lag. I’ve also noticed some weird choppy frameskip problem running ST on MAME, WinKawaks and FBA, but not Nebula. It looks really bad … emulated ST just seems to have a lot of issues. :shake:

I just use Kawaks, or the CPS emulators on the PSP…

AHH! Cool. So this is just a problem with ST?

I read Garou is meant to be played on Mame than Kawaks.

for Arcade Games i really recommend MAME.

youll need atleast a 2.0 GHZ or more is always better to get games such as killer instinct runing, also 1 gig ram or more is always good.

now if your trying to choose the definate version to use use this one its one of the best:

mame32plus http://mameicons.free.fr/mame32p/

and you already mentioned a dedicated cabinet for running emulators then i really recommend

Mamewah http://mamewah.mameworld.net/
even though its very complicated to get the hang of it and youll need to spend a lot of time configuring things out. once you get it all done

you can be launching all your emulators from mamewah

visit www.mameworld.net has lots of useful links to different places

anyways there is this other Frontend to run on your cab and looks pretty decent and i have tried it, the downside is that you have to pay for this front end but if your planning on having a dedicated cabinet for emus then go for it, for easy setup and has better options over mamewah

infact am a go ahead and buy that right now :sweat: $25 bucks for a nice and easy Frontend.

trust me you quickly find out the hard way that a good Frontend is the way to go if you plan on having other emulators in your cabinet.

but enough about that here is a quick list of the best emus:

SNES - Zsnes
GBA - Visual Boy Advance
NES - Nestopia, Jnes, FCEultra
PC-engine - Magic engine all the way although you have to pay for it it is worth it.
Genesis - Fusion or Gens
Wondeswan - Oswan
NeogeoPocket - Neopop
Arcade - Mame
Playstation - ePSXe or pSX
Playstation 2 - PCSX2
Dreamcast - NullDC or Chankast
Saturn - SSF
N64 - Project64

I know am forgetting some other systems but i spend way too much time with emulators and those i think are the best.:lovin:

Thanks a lot for the info. I t was really useful!

hey feel free to ask me anything i spend way too much time with mame, so much that i learned how to compile my own version and modify the drivers to my liking, once day ill have my own mame+emu cabinet ill keep on dreaming:sad: