What Equipment Do I Need To Record Quality Videos From My PS3 Gaming Sessions

I recently purchased a PS3 and I’m looking forward to the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I really want to record a lot of matches so I can put them online and get feedback from other gamers. I’ve been doing some research into “capture cards” and it all looks very expensive. I want to know what technology I need to buy, and how much will it cost. Quality doesn’t have to be fantastic, standard def is fine, 720p would be nice, but I honestly won’t want to spend more than $100.

I have a PS3 Slim, a laptop running Windows 7 with no HDMI out, an LG 32 inch 720p TV, and an HDMI cable.

What exactly do I need to purchase, and where can I purchase it online (preferably amazon? Please be specific.

Thanks for your help.

100 dollars is kind of pushing it.

Maybe you can get a used Hauppauge or a Dazzle

those Hauppauge work really good, easy to use, they will also let you record tv shows, but they go for about $200 new, guess you can find them cheaper

God, that’s so much money, I’m thinking about pulling the trigger though.

I was looking into this solution.

[media=youtube]5OsCTfk4MW8]YouTube - How to record video games (EasyCap) [English, Español, Français[/media]

Amazon.com: EasyCAP DC60 - USB 2.0 Audio/video Creator Capture High-quality Analog Video: Electronics

What kind of quality could I expect from that? Perhaps a video example would be good to see.

Someone was able to get decent quality from an easy cap. I still can’t do it because of the choices I’m given with Ulead VideoStudio: AVI, DV, MPEG, WMV… AVI and DV look nice, but their raw files are retardedly huge. When I go to edit them they come out ugly anyway. MPEG stretches the aspect ratio (I don’t know why), and WMV gives nice small files, but they’re the shittiest of them all.

So I shouldn’t get an easycap, not worth the trouble, instead I should splurge for the Hauppauge? How big are those raw files for the Hauppauge? What format?

Yeah i would be interested in someone answering your question. I just purchased the Hauppauge today.

RAW files will always be huge, and thats exactly what you want! The better the original file the better the editted file will be. You can’t make a shitty looking video look good, but you can make a good looking video look decent with decent compression after the inital encoding.

You’ll get decently looking videos through s-video or component in SD. If you want HD then intensity pro (needs an actual PC though), intensity shuttle (needs USB3), or one of the hauppauge solutions should be fine.

Keep in mind though that regardless of whatever quality you record it at, if you upload it to youtube it’ll severely downgrade the quality of the video anyway. 720 60p on youtube is more like 720 30p/15p. So don’t be afraid of reencoding it at a smaller size 320x240 for example.