What ever happened to Dark Prince?

i didn’t know much about the guy, but i’ve seen videos of him rage quitting and yelling at other players who are better than he is.

He was commentating WNF mvc3 a few months ago

true story: at evo this past year (2011) my friends and I were in line for some food and this guy walks up to us and says “you guys here for Evo?”

us: uh, yeah
guy: oh really? do you guys know who I am?
us: (look at him, look at eachother, totally confused) uh… no…?
guy: I’m Dark Prince (starts cackling to himself)
us: ooooh ok. thats cool.
awkward pause
guy: you guys know who I am now right?
us: yeah i guess. I mean, I don’t think we’ve met before though, but yeah we heard about you i think
awkward pause
guy: alright well I’m outta here bye!
us: uh ok, see ya.

a minute later
us to each other: wait, wasn’t Dark Prince that guy who supposedly pulled a knife on someone after losing a mm? if thats a true story, i don’t think he should be allowed at evo…

so yeah, Dark Prince. hangs out in front of restaurants at The Rio waiting for people to recognize him…

edit: I should add, I have no idea if that guy actually was Dark Prince, nor if the knife story is actually true.

you can get some info reading through this thread.

He quit in shame after this: [media=youtube]aGoB_vVmBs4[/media]


I’m going to report you for flame bait.

DPC should have retired his old nick names, quit trying to gang bang, and grown the fuck up by now.

Stop trying to start shit.

The only thing you should know is that if you MM him, you’re probably free.

does it really matter

I mean, really