What ever happened to Ed Ma?


For quite some time,I’ve been wondering what happened to Ed the Master. Can anyone tell me why he didn’t show up at one of the major tourneys this year?


its only February.


He has more important shit to do?


he’s in the hyperbolic time chamber training 24/7.


life > sf


Go watch the Dogface episode that he was in. He says he tries to show up to like 1 or 2 of the other tournaments, plus Evo, and that’s it. Probably the only reason you’re noticing a lack of Ed ma is because a lot more tournaments are being streamed now. Where as last year, only the big ones were being shown, and I guess those were the ones he took part in. Anyways, that’s just my guess on the situation. Big props to Ed Ma though, he’s one of my favorite players to watch.


Ed Ma is a beast


I heard he was killed in a car accident.

Nah I’m kidding. Ed Ma is so beast, he doesn’t even need to attend tourneys 'cause you already know…


IIRC he works at a game company and is probably busy with that.


its only feb.

i think i played him on xbox live about a month ago. not sure if it was him but it was a good akuma.


He’s playing Melty Blood


He was a cool player.I enjoyed listening to his 3s knowledge and early SF4 knowledge on the gootecks podcast.


He’s too busy actually playing fighting games to make threads like this one.


he did quit though right?? because he is such a skilled player it would be so sad if he actually quit