What ever happened to "Monster"?

I just found out about this game after downloading some characters for Mugen and it looks interesting but I can’t seem to find anything about it at all and all news/talk seems to have just halted since 08.


There is even a thread about it right here

But the link given is dead.

Does anyone know more about this game and whats happening with it or where to get it?


I don’t know what happened to it. There was even an arcade sequel planned and was in testing called Monster Ancient Cline. Man I soooo wanted to try that one out.

There were a few of us that were playing during the beta oh say… damn like 7 years ago, the netplay wasn’t too awful and it had a dingo that did shoshoshsohoshsoshoshoshosho custom combo

Funny this should be brought up. I am talking with a group of people to get a public beta opened up on March 12th or the 31st. Not sure which but yeah. It will be Monster AC with the new characters. Ive tried to get the game out sometime ago but due to a disagreement with Shok and a bunch of random stuff. I tried so much to get it released and to no avail. Hopefully this time I can make it happen. Any questions regarding the monster project please PM me here

Really? Like really, really? You are SO the man!

I know Monster was just a doujin game to many of us, but it’ll always hold a place in my heart <3

I like it a lot, except for the buttout pants


If you can get Monster Ancient Cline to finally come out, that would be so cool!

The old website is down so i kinda need to make a new one. But yeah, I made the game in english and the netcode was tested extensively. (with cali’s help) It is far superior to the old code.


Huh. Did we just warp to 2007 all over again?

I thought the same. Anyway, Monster is welcome again! :wink:

Pity that this poor game had so much placed against it. But if there finally is some way to play the game, that much will definitely be appreciated.

feel free to punch me in the face if this is frowned upon, but where are the patches for this game? I remember there being a preference specifically for 1.01 and 1.11b, but they’ve been missing in action ever since a certain website got popped by the RIAA and the official site went dead. I miss playing this online…my Siely was trash, but the game was mad fun.

Homeboy with the staff was my dude. I can’t remember much besides the netplay interface being rather tedious but it was fun!

Fuck Ryougen (aka homeboy with the staff). It’s all about the purple dinosaur.

WTF, really? oh man, news of the year. I just loved Monster, i will wait for news about this.

I guess it will be better to revive the old thread?

For those wondering, the game is completely new software, not a patch of the old games

We can guess that the possibility of see Monster AC as a real Arcade game is now lost isn’t? Examu doesn’t want anything with eX-board right now.

long story but yes those days are gone