What ever happened to "Monster"?

for anyone who might be interested. This game will be on steam pretty soon. Due to that the game release date will be pushed back a little bit but that is to insure everything is a go for steam. I will be releasing a demo with 3 of the old characters and 3 of the new characters either this week or next week.

hot dayum



this better be the good version or else

Interesting. I was looking for the old patches for this game a few months ago. You can’t find the patches on the net…Looks it doesn’t matter now.

people realized the game was about furries and quit


oh word

Sup brah.

Can’t wait.

Whoa, I’ve never heard of this until just now but it certainly looks interesting. All of Aleksander’s (green wolf thing) sword attacks are unblockable!?

Steam? As in digital distribution platform? That’s awesome.


I think Aleksander is a Scottie dog.

I remember this game hahaha, It would be fun to give it another shot.

Yes THAT Steam.

Admittedly, this is taking a bit longer than i expected considering im working on this solo but I want to try releasing some gameplay footage soon in the event that I cannot get the demo out by this week. Im working really hard to get this out finally but I guess taking a 1-2 year break away from the game didnt help.

The game is much different than the original version of the game. And I am releasing it as Free ware. I wont be charging for the game or anything like that. There is a spectator mode now so you can watch people play and the netcode is similar to that of Iamp’s Caster for those who know what that is.

WAITWAITWAITWAIT… what? FREEWARE? are you kidding us?

Excuse me for this question Chipp but… this was accepted by ShoK? considering that the original was a commercial Doujin title…

damn i remember gimmicking people out in this a long time ago. Would be cool to give it another go

what was the name of the dragon? girl with morrigan style dashes?

He gave up on the project years ago, so yes…

I just wanted to let you know, I love you so much right now.

Oh my sweet Jesus.

Perhaps you can open up a donation box or something then. You should get some compensation for your hard work.