What ever happened to the A-Stick?


Supposedly it was an official PS2 enclosure for arcade control panels

I can only guess that production on it was cancelled. It probably would have been too cost prohibitive. Perhaps it evolved into the Virtua Stick HG.

Sega probably recalled they had already made such a product back in the Saturn days and that it maybe didn’t sell so well (due to high cost, nothing wrong with the quality!). If you really want such a large stick import the original Virtua Stick Pro and mod it to play on PS2 or whichever platform you prefer.

A good bud of mine has the Sega dual stick pro. He won’t sell it for the world, and seldom has a reason to pull it out.

Also, I haven’t given purchasing a HSS-0130 my all because, I already have a Blast City panel I purchased locally, and I’d love something to put it in, instead of making something janked.