What ever happened to the videos? Thongboy and Jinrai?

Is the Necro video still in the works Thongboy? What about your unblockable tutorial for Oro Jinrai?

Their definately my two best characters these days and I’d really like to learn some more with them. I think Oro is definately my best but Necro I can do well with just because nobody knows how to play against him down here. Hooray for resets!

I’ve cancelled the unblockable video because I discovered Oro has no truly unescapable midscreen unblockables so far (both arcade and PS2). If I do find something that’s reliable enough to mention, I’ll post it in the Oro forum.

We’re working on the new video right this second, but it’s not a Necro vid (it’s not even a ‘character’ vid, actually). Necro is 3rd on the list, after this current one and the one following it. I expect this one finished by the end of the month, and hopefully we can get to Necro before Chrimmus.

N - Reppin’ for the ZR.

hey were was my money match for necro thongboy?? oh well next year.

Sorry yo, I had to skip Evo. Car accident etcetera.


just when i thought that Oro’s unblockeables ruled the earth… sigh

He still has them. They just needed adjusting. :smiley:

Ah yes, the videos.

I haven’t been online in months, so did I miss any important vids? Thankfully I was at evo and saw “Ode to the 2 Hit Combo”. I ain’t DLin 300+mb now that I’ve seen it. Oh but I recommend you do though. It’s that good.