What ever happened to those cool namonaki videos


what happened to the namonaki videos, none of them work except for fuck blanka video, they were so cool. if any body knows were to get them can u plz tell me


Off of the direct connect hub, or you can IM a few people…like me :smiley:


None of THESE work?


Yahoo is hella slow gunter, i tried d/ling them once and got like 2 kbps… and I was on a line that iv’e downloaded at 500 kbps


Oh okay… I just put them there because I have no bandwidth limits through the briefcase. If no one wants them through that slow a bandwidth, I’ll just take them down.


I’ve downloaded a few of them from the briefcase. It was kind of slow but not too bad – I’d like it if you left them up.


At most I download at about 4kbps from the breifcase…on roadrunner. But they are still really good vids and you should keep them up, I always tell people to watch those vids.


ya man really, you should keep the vids, there very good, doesnt matter if its slow, we just want the vids.