What Evo did right

I’ve been to many tournaments, all all the Evo’s since the “B series” days and would like to leave a rant / suggestions for what made Evo made than just a tournament, but a full out event.

  1. Exhibitions - This is one of my main reasons that even though I dont play more than casually, I take the time out to pay and attend these events. Exhibitions (for those who aren’t in the actual finals) can easily be more exciting than the finals. Whether its Japan Vs. USA or east vs. west or you vs. me or whatever! Grudge matches are exiting.

  2. Venues - Moving the event to Vegas was the best thing ever for EVO. Never a dull moment that weekend. Props to the Green Valley venue, and MORE props to EVO for having it there again.

  3. Trailers (teasers) - Who wants to watch an exhibition for a game that only half the people play? About half the people. Who wants to watch the exhibition after a theatrical trailer of smack talking and hype. EVERYONE! Again, these touches make EVO go above and beyond and make it more than some big tournament.

  4. BIO’s - Yup, this only happened one year, and with EVO gettin bigger every year, I was sad to see it eliminated. Player profiles during the finals was awesome and let you know who was from where and made the finals more ecxiting. Nothin like Mike Watson being described as a Multi character master, or Soo Mighty as a “Snap Back Combo Master”, with pics and intro music! Dont know why you did away with it guys. The flyer of who to look out for was brilliant too. Lets keep this personalization aspect of the event going.

  5. Extras - Whether capcom is releasing a new game, or some crazy dude made 114th MVC combo video, or Bang the Machine is being screened. Having game related events besides the tournament are always a plus. Again, an EVO defining trait. To go above and beyond just running a tournament.

There it is! If Evo can bring this stuff this year, I’ll be a happy camper.

Since I’m writing, I’ll give some push back.

  • Whack announcers. I like fights being called, but not everyone can call a fight. Be selective and give the mic to someone who knows whats up with the game and is not a perverte moran.

  • Clarity of matches. Is justin on the right or left. Is the score 3-3 or or 2-3. Not everyone is tallying the match on paper, so a little clarity goes a long way. This is key during finals. Every finals match should start with a identification of who’s playing what side, and every game should have a score announced there after. A PLAN for this would be nicer than an announcer saying the score whenever he remembered to.

Thats it! I look forward to another great event this year!

I agree with this 100% These are the steps to take to ensure an excellent Evo each year.

To go along with bios, they need real entrances again, ala 2k4.

War Destroyer aka Eric P. aka “I play XvSF with my beer in one hand and my girl in the other”,

You forgot to mention the awesome BYOC Room that allows for once-in-a-lifetime events like the 2K6 XvSF Tournament!

Hope yer doing good man. See you in Vegas.


Word! You should never downgrade after you introduce somethin’ like that. BRING IT BACK!

Definitely include me in that one. And if you wanna see some good ol’ War Machine action, bust out the MVC-1.

I’ll be at both will girl and beer. lol