What Evo Did Right...


Alright… with only two+ weeks to go, Im gettin’ pretty hype…

Here’s what evo did right in the previous years IMO. Hopefully they’ll continue to come through…

  1. EVENTS - This is what defines Evo. Be it East/West Marvel, US/Japan 3S, Choi/Wong… these events often have more hype than the finals and are key to having EVO live up to the hype. Even events like the sf movie (as bad as it was) or a BTM screening make this tourney epic.

  2. Exhibition Videos - Yes… this may seem corny to some, but again this defines evo as a bigtime event and separates it from other tourneys

  3. Player Intros - I loved the intro interviews, but was really a bigger fan of pic, bio’s, and intro music from the Pomona/UCLA days. Ppl who make it into the final are the all stars of the event and deserve recognition. (That sf2-esque plane was the best shit ever)

  4. Belts/Trophys - Again… somethin to recognize top players yo.

With Sf4, I got high hopes for this years tourney. Dont let me down, yo!


I’ll be sure to tell Wiz, me and him go back.


im also a big fan of the pic, bio or short blurb with shit talk, and intro music.

the interviews were pretty cool, but it was very hard to hear them with the crowd. maybe bump up the sound a bit during these if yall decide to have them again


its ABSOLUTELY necessary this year.


i second this…


This year will bring in a newer crowd, and a lesson in some of the old school players/culture will do them some good…


Yeah. Where else can you see matches that don’t involve top tier characters only?


“F” all that…

I wanna see lil plane’s on the globe fly to vegas! That was the awesomest! How can you give us that than take it away…


BTM screening needs to happen, yeah.


Am I the only one who remembers the plane. Jeez