What exactly do I do here, Hugo players?



I posted this up in the Hakan section, but I feel like the Hugo players here will also be able to answer this for me.


Well…as Hakan were you oiled for at least on of those body splash cross-ups?

If you weren’t oiled, then you certainly have to deal with his frame advantage since Hakan’s backdash unoiled is incredibly useless. I think Hakan beats Hugo in a big way, but only if he’s oiled. Hakan’s Ultra 2 would have given you some room to breathe as well since what it seems like you’re talking about is a late splash and not a “meaty” splash since you didn’t mention being about to ex.spd (even unoiled).

If you were oiled though, you could have easily focus attack parry into st.lp/f+lp into slide bnb/block string into oil dive reset. Other than ex.bb/U2, Hugo doesn’t have an answer to oil dives and with his Huge throwbox, i imagine it will catch on backdash/jumps, crouching and standing.