What exactly do you do in training mode!?

I have been trying to practice on Street Fighter Alpha 3 because I was planning on getting AE, but I cannot find a single damn guide on what I’m supposed to do in training mode? I ask people on here through threads or private message, but majority is no response, or they just say use Ken or Ryu. Ok, but what exactly should I be doing? I can put in the time to get better, but it is useless if you have no idea what you are supposed to be doing, I have watched/read a lot of tutorial videos, gameplay, and articles, but not one goes into what exactly you are supposed to practice in training mode, so you would be able to go online and fight. Not to mention I’m using a Ps3 controller and inputting certain commands for 1 frame links is damn hard, at this point it doesn’t look like I will be able to use any other character besides Ken or Ryu, because, there are no tutorials on what I should be practicing!

I need a step by step so I can start getting good with different characters other than Ken and Ryu.

You can do multiple things…

  1. Mimic a setup that you’re having trouble getting out of and try to get out of it.
  2. Practice combos.
  3. Find new setups after a knockdown or find resets.

I think you will find this useful:


You train, dummy!

But no, seriously, if you’re planning to play AE I don’t really think you should expect SFA3 to get you in fighting shape. They’re both Street Fighter but they’re…very different. Training mode is mostly for practicing combos, setups, punishes, or whatever the hell else. It’s for after you’ve learned fundamentals. If you want to learn a character (or a game, for that matter) go find a guide on one of the eight trillion pages and forums offering them. Learn what normals are good and what they’re used for, learn the exact purpose of your specials instead of just throwing fireballs and uppercuts like a psychopath. Don’t worry about 1 frame links if you’re that new, just find some basic, easier combos. If you’re playing Ryu get the hang of cr.MK xx hadoken or something. Basics basics basics. Once you have that down then you can start freaking out about “what to do in training mode”.

You train.

How do I find what combos work or setups?

Two quotes from the same person. The first one was very specific, and I can go into training mode and practice. The second answer is what is pissing me off becuase I have no idea what those are, hopefully you guys can now understand my point of view.

You can just press buttons until you see your combo counter go high… Or look at frame data.
For set ups, if you’re looking for safe jump timings, use the character you want to safe jump and keep trying to jump without getting punished. Or for example, with Oni you can lk.slash and throw right after it or frame trap them.

For FGC terms

I just want to get good with a Ryu or Ken as fast as possible. So is there like a combo list available. I can’t combo with anything unliss it is a LP or LK. How do you combo with a MK/HK/HP/HP?

check the newbie dojo or the SRK/EventHubs wikis, they have some combos for most characters.

As a general rule, if your attack is not coming out then you hit the button too fast, if it was blocked/whiffed then you hit it too slow.

Training mode is for practicing your execution. Watch videos, play people, when you see something technically complex you want to learn, go into training mode and learn it.

Ok so now that I have the combo list? Just practice the combos? What is after that?

depends on the game in sf4 or sfxt I normally just practice my links an if I have a hard time with a character I just record it an see how can I punish it in a more combo an setup heavy game (umvc3,p4a,or bb) I practice setups, resets, my bnbs

^ These are the types of answers I get for a new player, seriously how useful is this(I mean this in the nicest way possible) I feel as like people don’t even read the thread so they don’t see where I’m coming from.

When did you start playing? I started playing 4-5 months before I could make use of training mode. Why? Because it whatever I did in training mode, was destroyed by my lack of game experience. (I had just picked up fighting games in those months) At the same time, I picked up a few set ups that people did to me and started from there. Don’t start from top level of play set us, it’s not going to help you at lower levels.

What do you want? A nice list if every combo or hit confirm or counter poke situation you’ll ever need to practice with any character? I already gave you the answer. You find out what you need to practice in training mode by playing. Go play. No one is going to do that shit for you.

When you first started playing this game what did you do for the first couple of weeks?

Why don’t you just play Alpha 3?

GGPO is your frieeeeeeeend…

Nagato ^.^ I am, but I don’t know what to practice with Ryu in training mode? However most answers I get aren’t helpful, “just play” yeah becyase everyone got good by just playing, then how did they get to SRK?

I played a lot. Then from playing and thinking about why I lost, I came up with a list if things I needed to improve at. Some things you just get better at over time, like footsies and playing well defensively. The execution stuff you take to training mode. So if you see an opponent or your favourite player do a combo you can’t do and want to learn, you go to training mode and figure out how it works then master it.

I prefer his alias, Pain. :coffee:

But look up high-level play of your characters. Study how they play and apply it to your game.