What exactly does it mean to be sponsored?

so the top SF4 players are sponsored which means a company pays them money 2 play the game right?

but I dont get how it works. i mean the company must get some sort of revenue out of them, otherwise they wouldnt be sponsored right?

so how does it work? they pay them continuous money to play, then any money the player makes at a tournament, they give to their sponsors? if that’s not the case, how is the sponsor benefitting?

also, anyone have any sort of idea on how much these players get paid for being sponsoreD?


It means different things for different situations… depending on how big the sponsor is and what type of contract is signed.

For example, a big company like Razer requires you or your clan to have finished top 3 in a few LAN events to even consider sponsorship, other smaller companies like ventrillo hosting or server companies will “sponsor” someone by giving them free server services in return for links on their webpage or something.

As far as compensation, the bigger companies will pay the top players of a popular game monthly (not much, <20,000 US$ for even the best of players). In return, the player will wear the companies advertisements at public events and sometimes even incorporate their name into their “in-game name”

I think his referring to SF4 players in particular.

yeah i’m talking about sf4 only. i know a lot of korean players make a killing playing starcraft, but im just wondering how it works for sf.

i’m thinking that because sf4 isn’t that big in the grand scheme of things, the sponsorships wouldnt pay the players a whole bunch of money? i mean, your better off working full time right?

probably depends on how you want to make a living. either way, I don’t imagine anybody that is likely to answer a question in this forum knows much about the business of sponsored SF players.

The players wear clothing with the sponsors on them. You’ve seen Marn, Wong and Ricky sporting their EG shirts with the logos, right? Well EG gets a big fat check from these companies:

Kingston Technology
Gigabyte Technology
Micro-Star International
The Peregrine
Bigfoot Networks

Source: Wikipedia and the EG Homepage.

They’re also partnered with other businesses, like J!NX.

So, in short, that’s EG’s main source of income. Advertising for sponsors.

EG, in turn, sponsors players to go out and win, or perform well in tournaments. The players can also be tasked with things outside the scope of the game in order to foster community presence, like keeping blogs, twitter feeds, or doing podcasts.

^what he said. that’s quite the complete answer.

I’d also like to point out that players are likely signed on an annual basis, with contract renewals every year. It likely doesn’t pay nearly enough to cover a comfortable lifestyle, but it likely covers all travel expenses, plus equipment.

Also, ladies love a man covered in advertising.