What exactly goes on during a missed crouch tech?

As it seems to happen to me a lot because I’m bad at video games, I’m just curious as to in terms of frame data and all that business what goes on when i mess up crouch teching.

As an example: I go to crouch tech what i think is a throw, i hear the sound for my cr. lk, it doesn’t come out and i get thrown.

The obvious answer is that I tried to tech too soon, but if someone could break this down more in depth i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Not an expert on frame data, but I imagine what is happening is that you are being thrown before the active frames of your cr.lk. I think a grab comes out in 3 frames, so a crouch tech can lose to a throw if you have a slow cr.lk.
e.g. You crouch tech while your opponent is not throwing, os cr.lk -> opponent throws -> throw becomes active before your cr.lk -> you get thrown.

Playing on pad?

If so, its very likely you’re not pressing :lp:+:lk: at the EXACT same time, it happened to me a lot when I used to play on pad, but stopped when I moved up to stick.

Fuck crouch teching against good opponents though, they’ll take a shit on it with a fat counter hit combo once they realise you’re doing it, I’d rather stand tech tbh.

What’s happening is your teching to early, and getting thrown out of the startup of your c.lk.


Alright, thanks for the answers! Don’t know why i even bother trying to crouch tech (or try at all) online in the first place, but I’m satisfied that i know whats going on.

Crouch teching is also known at late teching because you’re suppose to do it later then you would normally tech in order for the block/short/tech OS to work.