What exactly is a tech? Yes i searched, not in glossary either


Yea I would like to know my understanding is a counter-hit?
I’ve heard it used it marvel alot, other things like crouch techs and OS tech


To “tech” a throw is to do a throw at the same time as an opponent so that you cancel out his throw.


Like rcoporon said, teching refers for breaking a throw - from the “Technical” message some games show when you break a throw.

Crouch tech refers to :d:+:lp::lk: in certain Capcom games (notably the SFIV series), an option select which techs a throw if the opponent is performing one and throws out a :d:+:lk: otherwise (which is generally safer than whiffing a throw in the case that the opponent did something else). There are many option selects to beat crouch teching if it is recognized, so it’s a bad thing to rely heavily on.

The OS in tech means “option select”. Technically, crouch tech is a type of OS tech. If it’s being used in reference to Marvel, it probably refers to using something like (air) :df:+:h: with Wesker to either shoot a gunshot or tech a throw attempt depending on where the enemy is. Other games may have their own OS tech variants, :db:+:l::m::h: in Blazblue option selects between throw tech and barrier, for example.


Tech either means to tech a throw (pressing throw at the same time ~ shortly after you opponent did) or to “techroll”/“tech a knockdown” (pressing down or a button just as you hit the ground off a knockdown to stand up quicker / roll. Some knockdowns (eg SF4 c.HKs) are untechable).