What exactly is "broken"?

What exactly does it mean if a fighting game is considered broken? I’ve seen this term used all the time but I don’t know what exactly it means. Is a unbalanced fighting game considered broken?

Is every fighting game “broken”?

hahaha i can see how reading these forums you would think that


it doesnt mean anything anymore. if you want to know why look it up in a dictionary

the only fighting game thats broken is fantasy strike. rook is too OP

Couple of SSFIV rumors but in the day are good examples:
If Zangief could Ultra 2 from a Lariat, that would be broken.
Juri was originally designed to do infinite combos by linking her wheel kick sounded broken.
Before the patch, Fei Long’s fierce punch in chicken wing infinite loop against Juri was broken.
Before the patch, unblockable ultras were broken(knock down, wedging the opponent inbetween a projectile and ultra makes auto correction confused).

Pretty much anything overpowered as people stated means “broken”.

In 99.9% of the cases where it is used, you can safely assume that broken means overpowered.

Some say…

that I am broken.

Visual assist.

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Back on topic: What is broken? When people as a whole agree that something is cheap as shit. Note that these people have to matter. So who matters?

Now we’re just running around in circles.

If something is overpowered, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken. Sagat was overpowered in vanilla SF4 but he wasn’t on the level of broken.

Broken means it breaks the game, for example…

Super Turbo: Akuma
The game wasn’t designed to deal with his air fireballs, he could lock you down in the corner with unescapable red fireball loop, couldn’t be dizzied etc etc
He was intentionally stronger than all the other characters though and nobody uses him in serious play, or even casual play for that matter.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Noob Saibot
You so much as move and a competant player kills you. Teleport slam infinite.

Power Rangers fighting game: Ivan Ooze
I’ve never played this game but I’ve heard horror stories about how bad he is lol

Tekken 3: Ogre
Ogre is pretty bad in Tekken 3, I believe he has an unblockable move that comes out faster than an EWGF

Anything that renders a game unplayable is broken. If Akuma wasn’t banned in super turbo, it would be a completely different game because every match would be Akuma vs Akuma because there would be no point using any other character. Hence Broken.

One of Sir Isaac Newton’s lesser-known discoveries:
As the sodium levels in an online FG discussion increases, the probability of someone claiming a move/character/game is broken approaches 1.

If you were to believe SF4 players anything powerful and hard to avoid is broken.


Thanks! That was really helpful.

Well, that’s not how it worked. They would do a fireball and on the very first frame it connected do Ultra. The Ultra freeze “googly eyes” stop you from blocking, making the set up an unblockable.

“Broken” is something that players don’t like to deal with, because it doesn’t allow you to play the way you want. For example, If I want to rush all day, and Sagat or Ryu won’t let me do that, they’re broken.

If I don’t want to learn how to tech throws and my opponent is throwing me constant, he is abusing a broken strategy.

“Broken” can also refer to an effective strategy, such as zoning. Clearly zoning is very easy to do and involves no thought, so characters like Ryu should be nerfed. It’s basic logic folks.

Also, the amount of damage something does can be broken, even though you shouldn’t have gotten by it in the first place. Obviously Cammy and Sagat’s DPs did far too much damage (150 and 170, such a ridiculous, absurd, incomprehensible amount), so they had to be nerfed to 100, the same as a heavy normal attack, even though it’s a special move and it’s designed to be a punish, doing good damage is just silly and broken!

Remember to always express your intelligent and inciteful opinion to Capcom on the internet, they will fix all these broken things in the next Street Fighter. When in doubt, nerf!

Oh my lord, that is the scrubbiest understanding of “broken” yet. Amazing. And you say you play o.sagat? ORLY?

Broken is exactly what it sounds like. It’s something that defies the rules set by the game itself, thus breaking it. Ivan Ooze is the big example because you literally cannot win unless the person or CPU using him lets you. [media=youtube]O-g4TqMFemY[/media]

Sagat wasn’t broken in vanilla SF4, as retarded as his design was, so much as the other chars just sucked really bad for no apparent reason.

It doesn’t work anymore. For example, break your game in half. It is now “broken.”

Someone doesn’t understand sarcasm. Ass burgers?

Someone has never read the Sagat forum before.