What exactly is "doing good" for your first tournament?

I won 3-0 and 3-1 in my first two tournaments and made it to the second rounds, but I won by luck seeing I lost in the next rounds to people much better than me. However, I do know I’m not that good, and the fact that these tournaments were at cons and not like actual places like SoCal, Xanadu, and EVO shows that my victories don’t really matter.


I wouldn’t say that. The only victories that don’t matter are the ones online.

I know that, but I kinda expected people to say that con-gamers aren’t that good.

Why? Because they’re at a convention? Bad players exist everywhere.

My first real tournament was at River City Runbacks in Richmond, VA; one of the most anticipated tournaments on the East Coast. I beat 2 people in a SSF4AE tournament who were on the same level as the people I fought on XBL. Heck, one of the guys kept pausing the game after I hit em with an unsuspecting Ultra. I don’t think that would fly at EVO.

You did good for your first tournament.

not going 0-2 like I did at my first guard crush. I didn’t win a single round

Thank you, and I know what you mean. I just meant that some people would think players at cons aren’t good as those at the places I mentioned. Though, I noticed that it looked like my opponent didn’t fight back as much later on in the video. I faced two of my friend in my second tournament; I beat one of them 3-1 because he wasn’t as good as me and my other friend (but he did score a point on me and plays a mean Bruce) but lost 0-3 to my other one, who said I was pretty unpredictable.

  1. In general cons don’t count
  2. Otakon is one of the execeptions since both times I was there actual MD,VA, PA tournament players were there even when it coincided with EVO.
  3. At the same time I still got third place in Tekken which I had barely played in the year before, use the worst character in the game and only entered to kill time.

Tournaments are made by the players that show up if you have to play good players at a con tournament then its legit. If you’re schooling button mashers in a game you know you aren’t that good in, then its not.

I’d say simply showing up and playing is “doing good”. Some people will never win a single match, but they played in a competitive setting, and that’s more than most people will ever do.

“When playing a game, the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning.” – Dr. Reiner Knizia

Both of these tournaments were Otakon.

By showing up to play in the first place you’re doing better than most people

If you went home learning something, you did good. Wins against people worse than you don’t mean anything, and losing to people better than you don’t make you bad.

Your goal at a tournament shouldn’t be a certain number of wins before you peace out. There’s a lot of randomness inherent in playing in tournaments. Just because you’re lucky enough to draw a couple jobbers in the early rounds doesn’t mean you did particularly well that day. And yeah, typically tournaments run at anime conventions have awful players that anyone can beat.

Doing good is all in your head.

My goal when I entered my first tournament was to make enough money to go out on a date. Suffice to say, I didn’t do good :frowning:

If you are honest with yourself and you have at least a decent level of skill you can spot good players.

I played three games in the KOF tournament at NEC my first match was against a guy who told me he had never played a KOF game in his life and the second was against Reynald. Which game did I learn more from? Honestly neither. I had just player a human in KOF XIII for the first time about an hour before and as scrubby as I was it was still no challenge beating someone with no KOF experience. On the opposite Reynald was so much better than me he OCVed me both games without even trying. I wasn’t even able to analyze what beat me at the time. Even at majors the competition level can be random

Its as important as execution or spacing to be able to accurately size up your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses at a tournament, more than anything else your question shows that you need to work on that, if a match is legit and a good fight you shouldn’t need someone else to verify it, even if it is at a con.

You did good if any or all of the following are true:

  1. You learned something
  2. You had fun
  3. Nobody complained about your smell

That is true, and I wouldn’t say I’m good seeing I lose to someone who had a lot of online experience, but I did win a few casuals and would say I’ve improved.

All of that applies to me.

Went 4-1 in the brackets, then lost :frowning: first tournament

You won’t be doing good at tournaments until you can look at every player and say “Fuck this nigga, imma body him”

Doing good at a tournament is getting better than my level. My level is sitting at home typing FloeFaces until I get soft banned :frowning:

Getting first place.