What exactly is "doing good" for your first tournament?

Donating your prizes to charity.

It’s doing well.
And doing well in your first tournament is giving everything you have at it, and learning from as many mistakes as possible. Network with as many gamers as possible as well. Bonus points if you win.

showing up


I would say if you know you did as well as you would have done at home playing against someone you know.

If you can get passed the head-game of being in a tournament environment and play at your highest level then regardless of your record you did “as good as you could.” Beyond that, if you enjoyed yourself, made some friends, got some swag, snapped some pics and made some memories, I would call it a win.

This is the truth right here.


Change your avatar man, damn it.

lol, I get perfected at tournies, at least I can play online, and pretend my Guile is worth a shit.

Anything more than paying to go 0-2 is a good day for me, I do it for fun and don’t expect to actually place, but at the very least I want to beat one person per outing.

Winning the tournament. That way if you didn’t win you can tell yourself you are ass and that you need to improve a lot. Me I won my first tournament (30+ people not big really) So now I’m having trouble getting better, well mentally at least.

my first tourney i went 0-2 in first round then 1-2 in losers :frowning: it made me practice so much harder, the pure magnitude of ass that i was playing made me really get into the game on like a new level, i think at times losses count more then wins. u get more out of it. that day i sat around and watched everyone playing, now if i cant play for some reason all day I’ll read a a bunch of forums and try to gain some sort of knowledge or skill every day. everything counts really

Agreeing with anyone who says not going 0-2. Winning any matches is good for your first tourney.

Winning it

Whelp, I went 0-2 again at my next local tourney. Looks like I won EVO.

Fuck yeah. Time for some dumplings.

You got your first tournament experience under your belt and there is alot to be said for that. Tournaments ‘can’ be a higher stress atmosphere than what you would normally be used to. And it sounds like you were fairly even with your competition, which is ideally what you want to compete against the majority of the time if you want to keep improving. Either way, hope you had fun.

Winning. If you go into the tournament with any other mindstate, you’re just setting yourself up for defeat.