What exactly is going on behind the "Raging Demon"?


Thread title.

I’m guessing he gets a dildo out of fucking nowhere and fucks the enemy until he bleeds and uses the blood to paint the japanese kanji in the background and strike a badass pose.


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Truth hurts, I know.


When i saw the title i thought it was an honest question… then my hopes got annihilated as soon as i read the actual post…

Serious answer: it channels the various levels of Hell (with relatives demons) into the soul of the target, destroying it

Not-so-serious answer: do you really think he need a dildo with the body he has? probably the fastest rape in history… and the kanji on his back represent his current record for number of people dominated at the same time during a Raging Demon


it is left for your imagination, that is all.


Actually 14 other men join him in some brutal bukkake


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