What exactly is so great about this game?

I have played it once, briefly at an arcade and the artwork was amazing and the game play was interesting, but I didn’t really get a chance to survey it too much, all I got out of it was a feeling that the fighting was a bit slow, so why do you guys enjoy this game? What sells it for you?

Because people have opinions. Seriously, just play the game more.

This. Also, i can’t really say the fighting system is slow, unless you’ve lived under a rock that only has a GG machine or something, but judging from your srk ID i’m guessing not.
since i’m guessing you’re coming from sf4… i’ll just say a few things.

Blazblue in general is a totally different fighter than sf4 from what i’ve seen. It favors rushdown and zoning, but has different kinds of defense mechanism to try to combat it. (not to say there aren’t issues but we’ll save that for when you actually get into the game…)

footsies in BB are not like footsies in sf4. You’ll see when you start playing online and such (computer AI is distinctly different than online “AI”)

throws are slower, stuff like tick throws aren’t gonna save you much (tech window is quite large) but throws also open to LOTS of combos for almost every character. only exception i can think about right now is rachel who i haven’t seen combo off a throw.

almost every, if not every (don’t know off the top of my head) character has an over-head. it’s not like you can hold down back and then block everything. not to mention there are things like guard libra to worry about x_x

there are double jumps, air dashes, running, super jumps, backdashes, dashes and all types of things. Mobility is an open window in this game. (save Tager, who only has a back-dash and a single jump/super jump)

supers are integrated into combos just like how they would be for Ryu in sf4. The heat gauge (super gauge basically) fills up when blocking, attacking *(doing damage or not) or when your health is below 20% (or something), it’ll fill up by itself slowly.

all in all though, the game is a pretty open door. There’s no certain way for characters to play, and some people say it inspires creativity in how you play your character. All the characters have their own distinct and unique feel and flavor.

tl;dr try it out some more. learn some mechanics, and try playing friends and/or online. There are a lot more options in this game than there might be for sf4, and whether or not that appeals to you is for you to decide. I just don’t think you’ve given it enough of a test drive yet.

The characters are just so diferent from one another.

This is why I love BB

No, really though, I love it because it’s so unique. Yeah it may not be the most balanced fighting game around, but it looks gorgeous, plays great and has probably the best netcode in any fighting game to date. The characters are all so interesting, I mean, they just exude personality. Also I like it because it reminds me a lot of GG, but also it sets itself apart from GG in so many ways, it still feels fresh. I’m just so excited, because I know this is the first iteration of BB, and it’s only gonna get better from here.

It’s new and shiny and playable.

Haha I love how I got neg repped for this post, I was just curious. " 08-07-2009 03:06 PM everything, its the best fighting game of the year"

Well it’s not like you don’t come off like an asshole with this thread :\

My vote goes to the music. It’s top tier.

umm i dont think this game is slow. Start playing online more and don’t be afraid. I know some people are afraid to play online and on rank. I like how its not stiff

I really don’t think it’s slow unless you’re playing tager or being zoned into blocking by any of the big 3.

Hakumens relatively slow, but you can totally do an effective rushdown with him and land a good combo that’ll take extreme amounts of health out.

It’s a nice change of pace if you want to play a new fighting game that isn’t Street Fighter IV. Also, the storyline in this game is great for a fighting game.

I like it because it has 4 buttons and isn’t KOF12

I’m surprised you didn’t realize you’d get neg repped for making this thread, especially with your name. It’s like someone waltzing into the SF4 forums, dumping a thread like this and wondering why they have a full red neg bar by the end of the day.


Srk: Where opinions aren’t allowed.

wats so good about this game is that it feels liek nothing i have played b4… also its new so alot off ppl are on the same lvl and grow w/ each other… and the combos are sick and some can be made on the fly … this game gets a 9.9/10 the .1 is because of Nu :slight_smile:

Very solid netcode, surprisingly good community, great art, beautiful stage backgrounds, and pretty well balanced if you don’t count the big three (v-13, Arakune, and Rachel).

What’s so great about BlazBlue? Well, for me it is the first fighting game I’ve actually been able to sit down and have a good time with. (SCRUBLOL) Playing other fighting games I never had the motivation to learn combos, the mechanics and what not.

BlazBlue is just really well made in general, boasting an interesting selection of characters, fluent animations, fantastic artwork, an exceptional soundtrack, and great gameplay.

Also: First post, hoorah!

I also like it because you don’t get penalized for losing other than it showing up on your overall w/l record. That stops people from ragequitting right?..right?..

Fuck you Authoritayy…

So I’m not entitled to get more information about this game? I want to know why people love it so much because I myself am interested in playing it, not because I’m angry or jealous of the blazblue scene, grow up.