What exactly is


i know it’s something where you look at the character your fighting’s feet… but i don’t get what that entails… i hear ppl parry by looking at footsies (in CvS2, they JD), and other b/s about it. but how does it actually help fighting, instead of looking at your opponent’s character patterns + listening for tapping to react with counter moves (similar to what justin does so he knows when to call assists in MvC2)

I’m sure someone else can go more in-depth, but basically:

You’re playing a “range” game with the other guy.
Giving low pokes (Crouch+Short/Forward) and setting up possible Kara-Throws or UOH Set-ups.

You’re trying to “Immobilize” him using space and distance.
You’re staying just out of his effective range, as you bob in and out of yours.

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Footsying is all about ground game. The standard aspects of good footsies are:

A) Knowing your character’s good pokes, ranges, and priority

B) Knowing the same thing about your opponent

C) Making an educated guess as to what he or she (HAHA) is likely to do.

It’s sort of like chess. Some people are aggressive and throw out high-priority stuff all the time, some people kind of make a “wall” of safe pokes, everyone has their own flavour. The important thing to remember if you want to be good at it is that you have to know what is safe for your character to do, and what your opponent is capable of. Everything else is freestyle.


thanks for the replies ppl

its not as essential in third strike, but its defenitely something good to know about… hell i dont know much of it either

not as essential, as compared to what? CvS2?

It’s essential in all street fighters don’t let him fool you. However it’s dependent on character in some situations. (I.E. some characters need to rush to win) But you need to know it for every game.