What exactly should i be doing in training mode?


i’m starting out fresh (sort of lol). i know how to play but i really want to rebuild and turn myself into a high level player. in training mode besides practicing combos and my wave dashing, what else should i be doing? (ive watched all fingercramps babies guides, watched the 1 hr 27 min viscant mvc3 101) i’ve learned a bit, but not enough. i hear people talk about practicing setups, and other things but how do i do that? Also most point characters (task, wolverine, mag, ect) feel awkward when i’m in training mode. (their motions and combos feel weird), does that mean i just need to hit the lab a lot more?


What i think people mean when they say to practice setups is to mess around with the dummy settings, as in make him jump to practice air/grab combos or make him crouch to figure out overhead type combo’s and making them guard in certain areas to know what you can do to deal damage.


Personally, the big thing is to really isolate what you’d working on.

Don’t go into training mode just to “learn stuff”. Tell yourself what your intending to do and do that. If your learning a combo do that, of your checking hit boxes on Normals, do that, if your planning mixups do that.

It’s kind like a workout. You don’t sit down at a weight machine to strengthen “the body” you do it one muscle and on piece on equipment at a time. Keep in mind here that training mode is only one piece of equipment, playing against other people is another, talking/discussing/yelling at other people about the game on sites like this is another.


Pretty much this. All of it. Although, if you’re playing with someone else, using training mode to “learn stuff” isn’t necessarily a bad idea. I’ve came across a ton of neat (and useful) things just by dicking around in training mode with a friend.


You train in training mode. That’s the point.


thats what i try to do, but i dont know exactly everything thats crucial to know, or how to set up these situations for that matter. like what i want to do is build some sort of training regimen. im sure high level players use one. I’ve started one but its just not enough, all i really have is wavedashing and combos at the moment.


It called the lab because you “experiment”


It’s important to isolate the difference between Learning and Practice.

Learning is for something completely new. Testing out team synergy with supers, figuring out setups on an incoming character(using snap out), learning to block or punish something that you don’t know how to defend against, working on things only possible in X-factor, etc.

Practice is for the stuff you already know, or know about, but have yet to master. This is more of the muscle memory type training where you make sure that you can rely on yourself to execute. This isn’t just combos, but also resets, flight, wave dashing all directions, timing your assist calls, etc.

A combination of your own match experience plus study of top players should give you a nice list of what you need to learn and what you need to practice. Then you go down that list in training mode, come back out of the lab, test against opponents and repeat.

Remember, a match is 99 game seconds or less. The difference between a top player and a scrub is replacing each scrubby moment with a skillful one.