What factors into your ratings for different things?


What aspects do you use to rate things? Obviously, the criteria you use for rating an action game will be different from a puzzle game. A cop drama will be different from a comedy.
If you have a specific system for rating a type of game/movie/TV show, what is it? You don’t have to isolate it to just media. Food, electronic devices, etc. are up for grabs too. You can use whatever points scale you want.

For me:
Cooked until it’s really well done: 3 points.
Good crust: 3 points
Tasty toppings: 4 points.

Any “official” song (because a mixtape is different):
Instrumentals: 5 points.
Chorus: 2 points.
Lyrics: 3 points.
Yes, I am that shallow.

That’s all I’ve got.



First post: 2 points
Second post: 9 points


You sure are curious about our opinions. Since most people already think I’m a jerk/ass hole on SRK I might as well add more fuel to the fire!

SRK handle = 2.2 point.
Location = 2.2 point.
Join date= 2.2 point.
AV= 2.2 point
Sig = 1.1 point.
Actual post content = .1 point.


[media=youtube]plhvoHJnfiM"[/media]- Stacks of money
Topic and OP’s life- Worthless