What Fast Food Restaurants mess up your orders the most?

I’d have to say Taco Bell. They always, almost everytime forget something I ordered.

anybody else? (sorry, if there is already a thread for this)

I generally eat at Subway, or places where I see my food being made right in front of me. Can’t really say my order gets messed up often.

KFC probably. Something always got mixed in with my original order.

Jack in the box they always tend to forget the frys! -___-


Also Mc’Donalds on occasion.

for the canadians. Tim Hortons. Buncha fucking retards work there.

McDonald’s messes up my ass pretty bad. It’s a half hour shitter visit after visiting them.

its hilarious when the one time i ordered a big mac combo, i got some filet o fish’s n some other crap and the bag had a sticker that said “checked twice for accuracy”

This one KFC near my house that would never actually have chicken and was run by a bunch of Mexican’s. Last 3 times I went there 2 times they didn’t have any fucking chicken.

Odd shit happens at chick-fil-a when you deviate from dat chicken sandwich and waffle fries.

Bk and taco bell.

I asked for the bacon ranch chalupa sauce on my $1 soft taco, and i get it smothered with fire sauce and catsup. Fucking asssholes.

And boy don’t get me started on BK. This gay Hispanic dude gave me the shitty milk shake when I asked for an icee.

Arbys and McDonalds since their chicken sandwiches are the same sandwich but grilled/roasted/fried interchangeable. This makes them fuck up my order every time unlike Carl’s which makes crispy and grilled sandwiches totally different items.

“I’d like 2 cheeseburgers, plain with just meat & cheese, and a Large coke with NO ICE”

Cheeseburger has everything. More ice than drink.

(it wasn’t busy, it wasn’t a large order, I guess that’s why you work at a fast-food place. Your register has fucking pictures and you still fuck my shit up)

Any chain fast food place in the city here will fuck up your order. When you go to the township the same place its usually much much better

I have no idea how Jack in the Box gets “large curly fries” from “onion rings” or “jr bacon cheeseburger” from “2 chicken sandwiches.”

What I’ve never had my order messed up

For some reason every time I go to Church’s they always get my order wrong one way or another. One time I asked for a large fry and I get onion rings (didn’t know they had onion rings). Another time I asked for a Coke with little ice and get Mr. Pibb with almost all ice. I know having a fast food job sucks donkey shit but at least get simple orders right. That’s all I ask.

It is my understanding that Tim Hortons prides itself on hiring some of the mentally challenged individuals in our society, and training them to be effective and dependable employees. It gives those individuals a wage beyond what they receive for disability, and it gives them a sense of self-worth that is absolutely invaluable.

So yes, retards DO work there! Pretty cool, huh?

I think that ordering ANY take-out from a place called “jack in the box” is just asking to get something funny in your food. Doesn’t the mascot for the restaurant have a dick for a nose? Enjoy your happy ending meal!

Okay I just looked him up: he has a dick for a hat too.