What FGC youtube/twitch channels are you subscribed to?

Trying to get a better variety of tournament fights in my subscriptions. Not so much your Vespers or other tutorial/trials guys, but the ones that put out tourny streams and higher-end match-ups.

To name a few that I follow:

FrameTrap DotKom

Any other recommendations?

Edit: Apologies if this comes across as off topic. Was trying to abide by the rule of not posting outside the Newbie Dojo within my first month as a member. Feel free to move/close as appropriate.

That’s fine, but this topic isn’t even remotely related towards helping or guiding new players in the scene or new members of the forum.

You can see a bunch listed there…

I think this is quite useful. It’s good for newcomers to watch high level FG plays. There is no way in hell I’m watching some idiot helm breaker 50 times and say “yeah, I’m so close to being a Cosmic Lord online

I mainly play Marvel and generally watching the following
jason axelrod
FGTVtube (w/e the new one is called)