What fighting game characters you would like to sit down and have a beer/coffee with?

What fighting game characters you would like to sit down and have a beer/coffee with?

1)Dhalsim (have a deep philosophical debate with the guy)
2)Shina (BR2 I would so bus’ that cat dawg!)
3)Felicia(darkstalkers/vampire savior)
4)Chun -li(need to learn how to mack in mandarin)
5)Kyosuke(could split the rent and be a roomie play some xbox live MvC2)
6)Ken (be my roomie with K-dawg,Dan and Robo Paul)
7)Paul (awesome robot guy that can help fix stuff around the crib. We’ll goad him for his car)
8)Dan (pure awesomeness)

the Gay ones

Balrog and Guile.


fucking seriously?

we could be discussing how capcom refuses to patch their ssf4 netcode to fit the USA infrastructure but we’re discussing who we want to have coffee with? is that what the scene wants to know?

How about some real fucking talk? why is ssf4 so bad online? why is HDR miles ahead of ssf4 online yet it came out a year before the game? even after sf4, capcom understood the netcode problems and refused to fix them in ssf4, why? why can’t capcom use GGPO as the standard and if not, why not improve upon it?

srk has really turned into gamefaqs.com which is really fucking sad. We could be thinking of ways to grow the scene and help other capcom games develop but 99% of this website is full of fuck ass BS that serves 0 purpose.

Hakan, Edmund Honda or Dudley.


make another thread about it don’t spam this one.

Tea with Dudley while I wear boxing gloves.




For sexing purposes ofc.

I would share a LIVE WIRE Mountain Dew with Terry Bogard.

So Zangief, Ken, and Ryu?

I had ideas to attract casuals without butchering gameplay, people were too busy whining about how they’re mature gamers who hate anything the mainstream likes, you get what you want now.

Chun-Li, but what we’d talk about I don’t know.

“So how’s your dad, I MEAN-”


I’d want some Tea with Dudley.

Baek Doo San, like Dudley he is a gentleman and enjoys tea and coffee.

if we are talking about “hot coffee” any female of all the FG :coffee:

^ I didn’t know you would even hit old grannies. YouTube - Ergeniz’s Channel If that’s what you like then…