What fighting game has the best air combos or aerial combat?


I’ve been wanting a game that has good air combos or maybe even aerial combat that doesn’t feel too weird. The only game I really remember letting you fight in the air were the old Dragonball Z Budokai games.


Marvel 2 is all air combat all the time.


Psychic Force 2012

That game is all about the aerial combat:



Jesus Christ as soon as I saw this thread title that was what I wanted to post. I wanted that post more than I’ve ever wanted any other post in my life.


Besides the aforementioned Psychic Force 2012, Arcana Heart 3 has a button just for flying around.


Marvel 2.


Came in to post this…

…and this…


TIE Fighter was the best aerial combat game of all time.


Negro please, everyone knows that is TFX and/or LHX
Also, isn’t this a VS thread?


TFX was solid, but they ain’t touching TIE Fighter. Fantastic visuals, engaging story, awesome game feel, cool missions with bonus objectives that led down different paths, infinite replayability.

It’s sole downfall was that it had no online functionality (in hindsight), but it’s old, you can’t blame it.


The Arcana Heart series has always had great aerial play thanks to the homing system and tall stages. You also don’t lose sight of the other player when you go in the air because the stage zooms out, which is nice.

As for TIE Fighter, I still think it’s the best space-flight simulator ever made.




Arcana Heart does many many things right that will be ignored by many because “lulzz I aint a peedo lolicon etc blah bullshit”.


DBZ games =p


Arcana Heart, in my opinion specifically 3, has the best aerial combat of any fighter ever. Mostly because not only does the game handle air combat very well and gives you solid conversions while flying, but there really isn’t a limit to how long you can stay in the air and some fights will play out like a god damn episode of DBZ.


If this game had literally any other characters it would probably be one of the biggest games in the FGC. If there was a DBZ game that played EXACTLY like this, it would be the most popular fighting game in the world.


I thought this after my first day with AH3. Also because of my fandom, a PowerPuff fighting game with that engine would be awesome.

Anyone ever play Bujingai on PS2? I didn’t, but it looked very aerial/acrobatic/wall-runny. No idea if it was any good, I just remember the box from when I worked in Blockbuster.